Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Coo Coo for Corals

You may have seen a slight repetitive theme when it comes to the colour choice of make up and products which I use and well if you haven't your not paying enough attention! DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 20! Only joking.... but you must try harder :P Anyway getting on with it I am absolutely crazy, ca ca and coo coo for all things coral and orange and after seeing a similar post over on the beautiful Estee's blog here I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite coral/ orange products.

First up i'll think we'll start with nail polish as theres a few of them, its clear I have a bit of a nail polish obbsession too. I have three 'Barry M' polishes, from left to right: Coral, Papaya (Gelly effect) and Peach Melba. I really like 'Barry M' for their nail paints for both their colour range and qaulity.

I also have some other polishes from a variety of brands including 'Rimmel' in the colour Apricot Punch which is also one of their polishes that smells fruity when dry too, 'Temple Spa' in Lucca which is on the pinker side of the coral range although looks very pink in the picture and 'London Girl' in the colour 114, I always find it dissapointing when their isn't a cute name but this is a great neon orange.

Next up some lip products, from left to right 'Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain' in rendezvous, 'Missy Sport Dr Balm' in shade 03 and a 'MeMeMe Light Me Up Lipgloss' which I couldnt even find the shade name.. bad times. And finally the last couple of products to hop on my orange bus are my beloved 'Sleek' blush in 'Lifes a Peach' and my water bottle.. yes I had to have an orange water bottle too, its cute and you may see a future blogpost on this soon.

Well nice to see you again, bye for now.x

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