Thursday, 4 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturisers

After seeing a number of different adverts on the new Garnier moisturisers I found they were offering free samples on their website here and a quiz to find the perfect match for you so I took the quiz and found my match which to no suprise to me was the oily/ combination one called 'Shine Be Gone. As a couple days past I had my little package slipped through my door and to my suprise not only had they given me the sample I had asked for from my quiz results but also 2 of the other moisturisers too!

The first one I tried was the one recommended for me and my skin type 'Shine be Gone', this comes in green packaging and also has a green tinted cream. However what did suprise me was when applied to the face it has a strange consistancy which feels uneven and just very strange on the skin at the first. I then read on the packaging that it is microspheres which cause this feeling and are there to help soak up any excess oil from the skin and provide a matte effect. I found during the day this moisturiser did help my oily shine throughout the day and I liked it so much I have already brought the full size version.

Next up the normal skin 'Protect and Glow' formula, this is also a standard cream moisturiser on the skin, nice and light and also contains an SPF 20 which is always good because even in the cold weather we have been having recently here in the UK you should always wear and SPF especially for the face although they are becoming more popular in facial products. It is also said to contain light reflecting pearls so not only so it protect you skin but it makes it look luminous too.

Lastly my third sample was the dull skin 'Wake Me Up' formulation which is actaully a gel moisturiser which I was very suprised to see and excited to try. On the skin it felt very smooth and cooling and again very lightweight. However because of my typical oily/ combination skin type I feel I wasnt the best judge on testing this and the previous formulation as they weren't for my skin type and any dewy look that may have been created on my skin I would not have notice as usually my 'glow' is cause by a nice layer of oil.. tasty!

So I really love the idea of these new moisturisers and some of the claims on some of the formulations are really good and would be great on the right skin type. I loved how not only do they send you the moisturiser for your skin type but a couple others too to try out and they are a good size to get a couple trys out of each. I would really recommend anyone looking for a new moisturiser to try these out especially if your unsure which one would suit you best. Well thanks for stopping by again, I hope you liked this little review, bye for now.x

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