Saturday, 20 April 2013

Empties #2

Well hello, here we are again with a few things I have used up the last couple of months which I wanted to share with you.. because i'm such a kind person like that.

First up welcome to the cleanser show, I seemed to have used up a whole lot of cleansers recently, I do like to swap and change my cleansers depending on how my skin is feeling so have a little bunch to share with you. First my favourite one of the bunch 'Dual Act' cleansing lotion from 'Temple Spa' found here this cleanser is slightly higher priced then I would usually choose to pay for a cleanser but I really did enjoy using it. This can both be used wet, so with water and washed of and also dry so just wiped over the skin with a cotton pad, the cleanser is a consitancy between a gel and a cream making it really soft and gentle on the skin but really helps the oil and congestion on my skin. My second one, also targeted for the more oily combination skin types is the 'Yves Rocher Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser' link this is much more of a gel consistancy with small exfoliating beads within it, unlike the Dual Act it created much more foam when worked into the skin and left the skin feeling really soft. Normally i'm not a huge fan of a daily exfoliant cleanser however this one is very gentle and gives a really nice feeling on the skin. Lastly the slightly less impressive cleanser from my bunch the 'Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant' now I know that some people love this and I have read many reviews on it but for some reason it just wasnt for me. I love the idea of the format how the powder turns into a creamy liquid when mixed with water and it did feel really soft on the skin however I felt it just didn't do alot for me and my skin so I wasn't that impressed. This can be found on the Dermoligica website here although you can probably find it on many other beauty sites too.

Next up I have two perfumes, firstly 'Kate Moss' obvioulsy by Kate Moss I have repurchased this perfume over and over for the last few years as it is a staple fresh and slightly floral fragarence, i'm awful at describing scents so thats pretty much all you going to get but it is a great one to chose if you want a more mature teen perfume. Another perfume which is great to move onto when looking for a more mature fragarence is 'Tommy Girl' by Tommy Hilfiger, when growing up this was always a favourite perfume for my sister so when I recieved this as a gift it really brought back memories for me being younger and always wanting to grow up and be like her. This perfume smells slightly deeper and more 'woody' than the Kate one but are both easy to wear are fairly long lasting too. Both of these fragrances can be found on the Superdrug website here.

Next a product that I use many of, cotton pads, this time 'Sainsburys Basics Cotton Wool Pads' for something like this I am always up for the basic and own brand ranges as they are super cheap and do the job in hand which for me is usually to use with my water cleansers which you can see a review on here and removing my nail polish. These are the standard round cotton pads however have now discovered large rectangular ones usually in the baby sections of shops and these are even better as I found that I can remove all of my make up with just one rather than 3 or 4 of the normal round ones. Finally my last empty is 'Bassetts Vitamins' in my pretty hetic and physical daily life and work I find it quite important to take some sort of vitamin supplement. Im much more of a chewy pastilles vitamin person as they taste just like sweets and i'm awful at swallowing pills. I really like the Bassetts vitamins as they come in so many different variety for what you would prefer/ require and all taste really nice!

So there we go for our second empties, what products have you used up the last couple of months? Anything you would definitly repurchase in the future?
Bye for now.x

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