Sunday, 14 April 2013

Iphone Apps

I have had my Iphone for a couple of months and have started to find apps that I constantly use and love so thought I would share them with you incase you had never heard of them, or share our love of them or hopefully get some recommendations back from you too of some that you love.

So first up the home page screen, so this mainly contains the normal apps that come with the phone such as messages, photos, weather ect. I also added a couple social ones which I use constantly as you can see Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Then other than the rest of the boring ones my inner OCD freak enjoyed seperating the rest into nice little folders as you can see including social, games, random, photography, music and utilities. I find it so helpful having them in their own categories because not only does it save me flicking through pages and pages of different apps, everything is simple and together in their own little place.

As everyone loves a good game I thought I would share the ones I had on my phone and the ones I am constantly on. As you can see I have a few games that were really popular with everyone such as tiny towers which I was super addicted to, got to 43 levels. I have also been addicted to 4 pics 1 word.. as has everyone else in the world and I still pretty am although losing my patience a lot lot faster when im stuck. And my latest craze the Simpsons Tapped Out, now I know im slightly late on the bandwagon for this one but once I started I loved it and am still playing now and on level 11 :).

Lastly I thought I would show you into my little random folder as I think this might be one of my favourite ones. A little run through on the apps in here include my kobo app which is linked to my e-reader which currently has the Twilight series on at the minute, the App Of The Day, I love this app as everyday it gives you an app which usually would cost money for completly free sometimes they are a bit crap but occasionally you will find a little gem such as the WorkOuts and Sqauts Pro apps which I love to use for a bit of inspiration for working out. MyFitnessPal I heard about online from the likes of Carly Rowena and have used this non stop and really found it has helped me watch what im eating and helped me lose 10lbs since using it. Good Times :). A couple others includes Horoscopes which is always fun to have a little look at and see what the 'stars' are saying and Dream Moods, I do have the occasional strange dream so its fun to look up a theory on what it might mean but how true it is I do not know .. but its all a bit of fun.

Well I hope you liked this little insight into my phone I would love any recommendations on apps you may love or have heard of or other posts or videos about them too. Thanks for stopping by again, bye for now. x

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