Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sanctuary Spa; Body Moisture Spray

During a recent shopping spree I stopped off into Boots and found this little treasure. I haven't heard a great deal about any products on the market that provide a spray type moisturiser apart from a new Vaseline launch in America. However when browsing through Boots I found this spray and was really intrested in trying it out as anything that can speed up or make moisturising a little more fun is all great in my eyes.

This moisture spray is said to be ultra light conditioning oil spritz which it very much is, I wasnt sure what to expect when I first tried it as it looks like a water within the bottle however once sprayed on the skin a mist of oil is applied which is non greasy and lightweight but still goes a really long way. It also says it gives the skin an instant boost of hydration and healthy sheen, I again completly agree with this, obviously being an oil the skins feels instantly smooth and hydrated and it also creates a really beautiful shine to the skin without looking oily.

I was really impressed with how this moisture spray worked, for my body I only needed to use 2 sprays per arm and 3 on each leg and a couple for the chest and stomach too and with a little spreading and rubbing in the whole body was completed and moisturised within seconds. The full size bottle of this (150ml) costs £5.50 which I think is pretty good valuefor money as it will last you a super long time but what is also great is they do a smaller travel size bottle too which is £2.40 for 50ml which is great for travelling and also so you can test the product out before buying a larger more expensive amount of product. This moisture spray smells just like the rest of the Sanctuary Spa products not too strong but slightly woody and aromatherapy based and just delicious.. all of the Sanctuary Spa products including the Body Moisture Spray can be found on their website here.

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