Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Grease Up Girls

Now the sun has finally decided to come and visit us here in England and the summer is looking like it will be on its way soon its super important that we make sure we keep our skin tip toped up with moisture. Now don't get me wrong I am also one of the people too who struggle to make sure I moisturise every single day, sometimes there is just something more important to be doing with that 10 minutes or there physically isn't that 10 minutes to even think about doing it. However if you want to have super soft and supple skin this is the only way your going to get it girls.

Personally I have found the thicker body butter moisturiser formulas are much more hydrating for the skin because of the much thicker consistancy however not everyone likes them and prefer a light formulation. A couple of my favourites include; a new one to me from my latest Glossy Box is the 'Nip+Fab Dry Skin Body Butter' this moisturiser has a thick cream formulation similar to the 'Body Shop' body butters but slightly lighter and feels really light and creamy on the skin and sinks in really nicely. Mine is in the Pistachio Sunday scent and although I wouldn't have picked this iout of the scents available it has grown on my as I have continued to use it. It has a distint nutty scent which I change my mind if I like it everytime I smell it however one thing I really like is that I can still smell it on my skin the next morning. Big points for that.

Another body butter I like it the 'Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula' this is a fairly popular moisturer brand however I believe more for the lotion formualtion which I also really like but I have been using the original solid formula. In the tub it is a solid.. well it is what it says on the tin... and as you warm it between your hands it turns into a really rich oil which feels really luxurious and hydrating on the skin. However as this is a very rich formula the oil does stick on the skin for a long while as it sinks in slowly which is great as it doesnt skin in so fast you feel its has done nothing at all. However it does mean you will feel a little sticky/ slimey for a little while depending on how much you put on so I prefer to use this after a bath and get into my pyjamas and let it soak in over night and you wake up with super soft skin. A great fact about Palmers moisturisers is the have a big target market for skin conditions such as marks and scars as it have a very regerative formulation which means as well as really hydrating you skin your helping even out the tone and texture too.

Another product I have loved using recently is the 'Sanctuary Body Moisture Spary' which similar to the Palmers butter provides more an oil for the skin which gives a great sheen and beautiful moisture too. This comes in a spray which makes application ridiculously fast however a little messier, if you have non carpeted floor beware things can get slippery. I really like this new form of spray moisturisers which although may not be as moisturising as the thick butters but by making it super quick and easy I think it is more likely that people will use this much more regularly which in turn probably hydrates the skin just the same. I have a full review on this moisturiser here.

So theres a couple of my favourite moisturisers at the minute which I find really keep my skin soft and hydrated and now girlies i'm afraid I have to say if you want to stop yourself from getting flaky or itchy dry skin this is one of the main factors that is going to help so pull your finger out and start slapping it on. One last note in this nicer weather one moisturiser you cannot use enough of is sunscreen, its really important to protect you skin against the sun as not only does it contribute to aging and cancer if you get burnt it bloody hurts!
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