Saturday, 31 August 2013

Empties #6

Well another months is here and I have some more products that I have used up and wanted to share with you! This month I don't have a huge variety of products I have used but firstly I have a few different hair products. This month I used up a shampoo and conditioner from 'Elvive' this is a cheap and cheerful high street brand that have lots of variety of hair products for different hair types. Their Nutri - Gloss range I always gravitate back to as it makes the hair super shiny and soft and also has a normal and light formula for those more prone to greasy hair that done want any heavy products weighing their hair down.

I also used up two hair styling products, first the biggest can of hairspray you ever did see 'VO5 High Volume Hairspray' I had never used this before and most likely brought is as it was on some sort of offer, this hairspray is said to be extra strong hold and weather resistant which suits me pretty well for my day to day life as within my work I constantly have my hair up and off my face. I definitely agree it was a strong hold hairspray and did the job well whether is works well for volume I'm not too sure but for me it was great! I also used up the 'Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist' I received this in one of my beauty boxes a little while ago and wasn't hugely impressed by this. It is said to be a hydrating spray for thirsty hair and skin, so pretty much it felt like a nice smelling water. I did use it as it was great to use post washing my hair to give it a nice tropical scent and did help a little when brushing but I didn't witness any hydration miracle occurring.

One of my real favourite products I used up this month which is my 'Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur' perfume which I don't have a clue what it means but I know it smells amazing and really lasts on the skin too. I buy this scent again and again as it is a beautiful day to day floral scent although I'm usually not a huge floral fan but it is very subtle and fresh too making it easy to wear for lots of occasions. I finally also used up one of the new 'Dove Compressed Deodorant's' I think a deodorant is a pretty standard products which I'm not sure I can enlighten you about much however it is another product which a beautiful scent. Usually I find most deodorants have the same powdery scent but this which is said to be pomegranate and lemon verbena scent which really makes a difference smelling really fresh and fruity which makes you feel even more clean.

Well there we have it another little selection of products I have used up. What have used up recently? Have you tried any of the products I have used? I would love to hear back from you, bye for now.x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August Glossy Box

A little late on this one things have just been a little all over the shop but here we have August' instalment of Glossy Box goodies. This months theme was high flyers including products that are said to be perfect for the girl on the go. The first thing I noticed was the Emite Make Up eyelash curlers, its has been years since I have used a pair of these as luckily I do have a natural curl to my lashes and never found a pair that did a great deal more. This pair however is the most comfortable pair I have ever tried with replaceable soft rubber edges and they do a pretty good job too!

I also got a sample of the Urban Veda Daily Radiance facial wash which is said to balance and brighten the skin, I haven't had much of a chance to try this out yet so I'll have to get back to you on that one if its a good'en. I received a hair product sample too from Tresemme which is their Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment, again I haven't had a chance to try this out yet but i'm looking forward to as I love a hair treatment or deep conditioner as your hair always needs a little pamper and hydration too.

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand I have received a couple products from before in previous boxes and I really like them as a brand, this time I got one of their 2 in 1 Shadow Liner in black which is a lovely soft pencil, it is a little large as it doubles up as an eye shadow pencil but I'm looking forward to trying out a few different looks with this little multi- tasker. Finally I received Oceane Make Up Remover Pen all the way from brazil, it had a pen full of a make up remover and changeable cotton bud like tips which slip in the end allowing you to remove little bits of make up such as smudged liner or lipstick without disturbing the rest of your make up.

And there is my August Box, I'm very happy as there are lots of products I have rarely or ever used before and a good range of products too? Have you tried anything like these before? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now. x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Baby Lips have Landed

Maybelline Baby Lips have been talked about a lot by our fellow bloggers from across the pond and now they have finally arrived in the UK so I went to pick up a couple from Boots with their 3 for 2 offer which is on now! I picked up the Intense Care, Peach Kiss and Pink Punch ones.

The lip balms come in two varieties, 3 which are concentrated on lip care and hydration and the other 3 which are still moisturising but with a hint of colour. The intense care I the first one I picked up as it seemed to be the most promising to be the most beneficial and hydrating for my lips which I feel I need every now and again. It is definitely a hydrating and moisturising balm but surprisingly has no scent at all if anything a bit of a gross one and is doesn't taste great either I think in the future I would reach for the Mint Fresh one instead.

However on a higher note the Peach Kiss and Pink Punch smell delicious, Peach Kiss is a natural beige sheen of colour with a subtle peachy scent and Pink punch is a little more pigmented with a hot blue toned pink and again smells lovely with a fruity .. well punch smell! I definitely prefer the coloured Baby Lips and for the £2.99 price tag they are lovely moisturising balms. Have you tried these out yet? Which one is your favourite? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Elf Haul!

Yet again I have had a cheeky little spend although this one was definitely worth it as I have wanted to try some products from ELF for a long long time and with their recent 60% off sale how could I not take the chance? As I have never tried any of their products before I got a wide variety of the things they had available, as they were flying out of stock like nobody's business and also because I was finding a few holes in my make up collection which just needed to be filled.

The first products I looked for were along the face/base line as I was looking for a new face powder to try out and also my bronzer was running low, I came across the Mineral Foundation SPF15 which was the perfect thing I was looking for as I have never used a mineral powder foundation and sometime feel I need something a little lighter and better for my skin and if not I can also use it to set my foundation. I also got the plain Bronzer in Glow which despite the name has very little if any shimmer in it making it perfect for a contour or all over bronze.

A product that I had heard a bit about was the Maximum Coverage Concealer, now like everyone else on the planet I love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but thought this would be good to try out and see how it compares. It is a fairly thick creamy concealer, I got mine in the palest shade Porcelain and it does provide a good amount of coverage maybe not quite as much as the Collection one however I think it may have lasted a little longer and better on me than the Collection concealer, perhaps I'll do a full test run on them soon.

Now for some reason whenever looking at make up I am always drawn to lip products whether its a balm, a stain a stick you name it! I had to try out the ELF products to see how they are and first I found their Matte Lip Colours which comes in a creamy crayon form which I think is my favourite type of lip product, this is indeed is creamy and not drying considering it is a 'matte' formulation, I got mine in the colour tea rose which is a blue toned mauve colour which is something I have never tried on my lips before and I'm still unsure what I think of the colour on me as it is so different but in the tube I love it! I also got two of the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in the colours Baby Lips and Strawberry, these are said to be long lasting lipsticks in a liquid lip gloss like form and work by screwing the bottom of the packaging which pushes the products up which comes out in little balls which for some reason fascinates me but most of all they have a delicious minty scent.

I also got a couple eye brushes as I was finding the very minimal I have was making it hard for me to vary and change my eye shadows looks and popped in my basket the Contour Brush which is quite short and dense to help pack on colour for definition in the socket line and also a Small Angled Brush which could be used for eyeliner, underneath the eye and also my eyebrows so I popped that sucker in too. To go with these I also found the Eyelid Primer which again is a product I have never tried from any brand so what better opportunity than to try one when in a mega sale. The only colour they had left in stock was Golden and of course is a shimmery golden colour, I haven't had chance to try this out yet but will keep you updated.

Last but not least I picked up a Waterproof Eyeliner Pen which again they had very little stock of so I got the shade Coffee although am glad I did as I don't often use a brown liner but it is a very dark brown so gives a nice slightly softer look. In the past I have used pencil, liquid an gel liners but never one in the form of a felt tip like this so was really looking forward to trying it out, it is pretty easy to use and control I am a little worried how long it will lasts until it dries out and find it isn't easy to layer on top of itself but other than that I am liking it so far.

And that was all for this little spend and it truly was a little spend as all of this came to around £17 which I was very happy with and definitely look forward to having a little play with all the products. The promotion I used when buying this has finished but they have got a new 50% off sale on now so get in there quick before all the good stuff goes! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

I waited to get my little paws on this for a long long time as when I decided to go out and purchase it they were half way through changing all the packaging for some of their products including this one meaning it was out of stock for what seemed like forever. However I finally managed to pick one up and am so very happy I did.

Peaches and clean is said to be a 3 in 1 deep purifying cleanser, it contains ingredients such as peach and go juice extract and oxyginseng technology which I presume as well as making people try and pronounce them without sounding silly and with great difficulty it also provides the deep skin cleansing properties. It is a white cream consistency so works as a wash off cleanser and has a fairly strong sweet peach scent which I personally love but if you not a fan of scented products you may not. When applied to the skin it provides a slight cooling and tingling sensation which again I think feels great and like it is working and doing something to the skin but may be a little to much to any sensitive skin types out there.

This retails in Boots for £8.00 for 200ml of product which I think is a little pricey especially as with a cream cleanser is easy to use more than you needed. However because of the great deep cleansing ingredients and properties and from the amazing tips and advice from the lovely Khila also known as  missbudgetbeauty this also works great as a face mask. If left on the skin for around 10 minutes the tingling sensation does increase slightly and it can produce a reddening to the skin but is in no way painful or uncomfortable and leaves the skin feeling great the day after.

I am very happy I finally got my hands on this as is definitely will be used and loved well even if it is a slightly different way than it is supposed too. Have you ever tried this or any similar masks or cleansers, thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What's on My Face #1

Being a lover of all things make up and beauty I love reading what make up people like to wear and how they change it for different occasions and different days, one persons who I always love to read is What I Heart Today's post and so as an avid make up wearer myself I thought why not give it a shot?

This look I wore on a family fun afternoon out when myself my sister and little niece decided to take a little trip out to a local garden centre. We went to the Barn Yard which is situated in Appledram in West Sussex and it a very cute typical country side garden centre/ farm yard and it also had a little animal corner with turkeys and guinea pigs and a maize maze (or corn for us Brits over here.) It was great fun for very little money, I'll pop a couple pictures in here so you can have a little look.

Anyway back to the make up, at the minute my skin isn't behaving its best at the minute so I used my 'Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer with a mixture of shades 1 and 2 followed by my 'Borjois 123 Foundation' which I like to used on my worse skin days as it says to have different pigments within it to cancel out different skin imperfections. I use the pointed foundation brush and buffing brush from the 'Real Techniques Core Collection' to apply these products.

I then use my trusty 'Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder' and Rimmel Natural Bronzer' applied with my kabuki brush from the 'Zoella' store to set my foundation and provide a little contour and bronze. The blush I used from 'MeMeMe' and is one of their box blushes in the shade Rouge and is a peachy red shade with a slight shimmer so is great for a blush/ highlighter combo. I think this blush looks really great with a brighter lip and really compliments the 'Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick' which is in the shade 020 tropical pink and really does have great pay off for the sheer colour in the stick.

Finally for my eyes I went for a really natural sweep of colour by using the 'MUA Undress Me Too' palette with Shy all over the lid and Lavish just in the outer corner blended into the crease and a little of the grey toned brown colour 'dark brown' from my 'HD Brows' palette to give a little bit of definition to the upper lash line and this is also the same colour I used to fill in my brows. Then to completely finish off a couple layers of the 'B. All Mascara' in black all over the lashes.

So there we have my first 'What's on My Face' post, I hope you liked it, I would love any advice on what you thought of it or further posts you would like to see. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

Monday, 5 August 2013

Favourite Summer Polishes!

Now there is nothing more I like than a nice nail polish and I think it can really finish of your outfit and mood especially in the beautiful summertime. Within my work I am unable to wear polish on my finger nails so when I do get the chance I love it, and it just happens to be the summer time that my favourite kinds of polishes, the brights and pastels are all the rage. So here I have for you a little pick of a few of my favourites to wear this time of year.

First up I have something I am sure you will all be familiar with, the 'Barry M Gelly Polishes' these have been all over the beauty blogging world as they are thick, shiny and high quality polishes which are really cheap too. The two colours I have are papaya (orange) and green berry (turquoise) and I love them completely I am definitely planning to expand my collection of them on the very near future.

As you may know I love my oranges and corals like quite a few people I have discovered so to continue you with my theme I have a bright orange called Portobello from 'Nails Inc' which I got in one of my previous beauty boxes and this has been reapplied and reapplied and reapplied again as I love it so much. I also have a similar one from 'Temple Spa', Lucca although it has a much more pink undertone making it much more of a bright coral. This again looks amazing on the nails this time of year and one I always gravitate back too.

Up next a couple of beautiful pastels firstly one you don't see a great deal of I have a summery pastel yellow from 'MeMeMe' this polish is slightly more expensive than the 'Barry M' ones being £5 but can also be found with them in Superdrug and online. Being quite a light pastel colour I find you do have to do an extra coat with this one to get an opaque finish but it is still really nice and easy to work with. And finally I have Bikini so Teenie from 'Essie' this was my first ever polish from this brand and I adore it again for its high quality but mainly because it is such as beautiful pastel lilac colour with blue undertones and a very fine silver/ blue glitter suspended in it. I don't have any other colour like this and again it is one I will reapply over and over again.

Well I hope you liked my few picks of summer polishes have you tried any of these or have any suggestions of some I should try? I would love to hear from you thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x