Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nail Water Transfers

I first heard of nail water transfers on another blog and was intrested straight away, what a brilliant idea, you can have a number of different designs and you have beautiful nail art instantly! The place I found the nail transfers I have specifically used was at and they have a huge variety of different pictures and designs of transfers and also some 3D nail art such as studs, crystals and caviar too.

The transfers are really easy to use, firstly you want to paint you nails which ever colour you fancy and leave them to fully dry. You then cut out the specific picture or design which you want to use and measure it up to your nail, although most of them will fit most nail shapes and sizes. Then pop you transfer into some water and let it float around for 30 seconds, fetch it out of the water then it slides straight of its backing paper. Then you just pop it onto the nail of you choice and apply a top coat over the top to seal it onto the nail.

The 'hail the nails' company are really great to use, they have an easy to use website with similar designs placed into catagories making life so much simpler. They deliver worldwide for free if you spend over £5 and the delivery was super super fast too! And just to top it off all the water transfers are only £1.99 for 15 - 20 designs on one sheet! Amazing. Personally I have not tried any of the 3D nail art but i'm sure it is of high qaulity if it is anything to go by the nail transfers.

I really love all the different transfers I have used from this company, and the overall experince with the company themselves so I could not recommend them enough. There is something for everyone so I recommend for anyone and everyone to check them out.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

On Trial: No7 Cleansing Brush

Recently there has been a lot of hype over cleansing brushes such as the much spoken about clarisonic. Now previous to this the only experience I had ever had with cleansing brushes was the small hand held facial brush from 'The Body Shop' so when I recieved an email from advertising their new 'No 7 Cleansing Brush' for £25 I was really excited to go out and buy it especially as they had a 3 for 2 offer on at the same time too! I had always been intrested in the other cleansing brushes available but for £99+ there wasn't a chance in hell I would be getting my hands on one of them. I understand that with some of the other brands that they had advance brush heads which could be interchangable and have different firmness' for different skin types but for alot of people asking for that kind of money is most likley out of their price ranges.

I have been using the 'No 7 Cleansing Brush' now for a couple of weeks and I am really impressed with the results so far. Its really simple to use too, you just apply your cleanser over you face as normal, wet the brush head and then massage it over the face. There are two speed settings for the brush which enable you to chose how deep you want to cleanse or how I like to use it by using the faster rotations on the more problems areas of my skin and breakouts. You then rinse the brush and just remove the excess cleanser on your face as normal. I have found since using this within my cleansing routine it has helped clear any breakouts I had and has prevent the amount that has come since. There is only one brush head/ brush avalible meaning that it may not suit all skin types, personally I have combination to oily skin and the bristles on the brush are firm enough to provide a deep cleanse and exfoliation for me without causing any sensitivity however for a dryer or more sensitive skin type they may find it not suitable. This is actually found on the product packaging too saying they wouldn't recommend it for a dry/ sensitive skin type therefore if this reflects you and your skin I would personally avoid it and prehaps instead try a manual brush which can be found in 'Boots' stores too.

Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sharing the Love

Now I know its a little late for Valentines to be declaring my love, but theres always time to share some love for the people you appreciate and that inspire you so here I am writing this post. For a long time I have been following many bloggers/ youtubers and I love to spend any spare time I have catching up on blog posts and videos and having a little insight into all these different peoples lives. Always reading and watching everyones uploads and seeing the fun they had making them and sharing so much with everyone inspired me even more to want to start up my own blog. So I am going to show you a few of my personal favourites although im sure you have all heard of them because they are all so amazing and already ridculously popular on the wonderlful, world, wide, web.

First up the beautiful Zoe. I first found Zoe on youtube at back in the day when an upload was rare but still oh so exciting I instantly became a fan of her content, uploads and just overall herself as a person. I soon then became a follower of her blog at she is one of the funniest and down to earth people to watch, she gets the content out that everyone wants and loves but with such a comical and full of personality way. A must watch/ read in my subscription box.

This leads me straight on to the lovely Louise who I discoverd through Zoe on her channel and blog. Lousie, another beauty blogger over on and is another wonderful girly who always has amazing content and uploads that if im not watching for the interest of topic I will purely watch it for her hilarious personality and wonderful self and look on life and of course baby glitter always makes every situation absolutly adorable. One of my all time favourite youtube videos is the birthday video Zoe made for Louise filled of all their uncuts and best bit, a full on belly laugh and tears every time!

A more recent addition to me is the beautiful Khila over on and I love watching Khilas videos as she is similar to me in the fact she likes to keep thing inexpensive and loves the drugstores. There is always constant blogging and youtube uploads from Khila and I love every singles one from her beauty posts and reveiws to her day in the life videos over on her vlogging channel. She is a very honest person and I love the fact that she says what she thinks and also has a wonderful little family which she features alot in her uploads.

Another fairly recent addition to my must watch/ read list is the oh so gorgeous Carly. Carly is slighty different to the majority of the lovley girlys I watch as she is more based on fitness and lifestyle and boy does she do it well. I discovered Carly from her also gorgeous boyfreind and freind Leon and John over at and then started to watch her youtube videos too, I warn you if you click on the next links she will cause you to exercise and some pain but you will love every minute and the results! If you were wanting to know anything health, beauty or fitness related Carly will more than likely help you out and she also includes all those embarrising bits that others may be hesitant around and I love her all the more for that.

So thats a few of my favourite people to watch and read at the minute and im sure they will stay there for a long long time. It is people like these that inspire me to keep following goals in life such as creating my own blog and hopefully like them I will continue to write and upload and hopefully in time progress and succeed too. So thats all for today..bye for now.x

Friday, 22 February 2013

25 Things

After reading and watching so many other 50/ 25 things about me tags I thought what better to do as my follow up blog post. So I have come up with my little list of fun facts of my life which gives everyone a little more of an insight of me. Well its says it on the tin ^^ 'memyselfandlife' ;)

1. I live at home with my mum, sister and 2 year old neice
2. I have two children also known as pet cats which truly are like my offspring
3.My ingredients for a perfect day include; sofa, duvet, films and food
4. I am a sucker for a sale and love things cheep and cheerful
5. I have always had only a few close freinds
6. I would say I have never had a serious boyfreind/ relationship
7. My first make up was at the age of 3, a Barbie pallette for christmas, thanks mum
8. I have far too much nail polish than necessary but I just cant help myself!
9. I could spend hours on end on youtube
10. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, every aspect excites me, the decorations, the weather, the overall spirit. I am now getting excited, ITS FEBRUARY!
11. I have always had a fear or sick
12. Boybands are my guilty pleasure, if your in one I will most likely fancy you :/
13. If something can go wrong it will most definatly happen to me
14. Growing up I had dreams of being a gymnast, ice skater (the dancing on ice kind), zoo keeper and florist.. and the list goes on
15. I've always wanted to be fluent in another language or just know more than hello,goodbye and cat
16. I have many OCD habits
17. I wake up and check my facebook, twitter and bloglovin every morning
18. I am a true product hogger
19. I love my bed and I love to sleep, I never understand why I hated it so much as a child
20. My favourite colour is orange
21. I hope to in the future get married and have children, the real kind but some more cat children wouldnt go a miss either
22. I love old disney movies, my all time favourite is The Fox and The Hound
23. I have always been a quiet person and love time to myself and being alone
24. I am awful for not praising what I preach
25. I am very superstitious and have a fear of the unkown but love the rush of adrenaline when facing fears and scaring myself.
Well I hope you liked learning a little more about me, I love reading these blog post so I would love to read yours and get to know others bloggers as I know there are so many more I havent had the chance to see and read yet. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now. x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

well hello there...

Well where the giddy aunt am I meant to start with this. Lets start with hello, yes? Hello my name's Rachel, im 19 and big fan of all this blogging and youtube fun stuff. After a long day at work or just for a cheer up the online blogging/ youtube community is my first port of call, so because of this I thought why the hell not lets jump on the bandwagon and start one too. So now I propose to you (not the marrige kind, hold your horses) but an invite to join me on my blogging journey, expect a few hiccups, I certainly do but hopefully lots of fun stuff and good blogs to read too!

A little more about me.. I live in West Sussex in the South of England, from a fairly young teenager I had an interest in beauty, make up and all things pretty and girly. I went on to college straight from school to study a beauty therapy course and now work in West Sussex country spa. I love everything about my job and the beauty industry so what better way to express this than with more beauty chit chat with you possible new readers and followers here.

Now im not sure I have much more to say for my very first post but hopefully you'll hear and look forward to lots more from me very very soon and I would love to hear back from some of you too. Bye for now.x