Sunday, 28 April 2013


I have had the chance to try out a couple Dermalogica products, mainly through samples within my glossy box and to be honest i'm pretty glad they we're samples as I really haven't be impressed. I don't think the brand or the products are completely awful and that no one should every buy any but I was just never wow'd or overly impressed.

Firstly I have a 'Clean Start Foaming Wash' I believe this may have come in a trio with a matching toner and moisturiser from the clean start range but i'm not entirely sure which shows if it did they were'nt great as I dont remeber a thing about them however on to the face wash. I mainly kept this in my shower for the days I had a quick cleanse whilst showering so it wasn't my daily cleanser choice. It is a gel like formula which foams nicely when worked in to the skin however i'm not over keen on the scent as it is a fairly strong citrus/ grapefruit scent which I think can be a little over powering for the face. I believe the 'Clean Start' range and this facial wash it aimed at the more combination/ oily skin types as it claims to cleanse deep into the skin and contains salicylic acid which is perfect for me and my skin however I feel it didn't do a great deal.

The second product I have from the brand it the 'Daily Microfoliant' now I have heard many positive reviews about Dermalogica and I beleive this is a popular product of theirs but again I really wasn't overjoyed. Now I love the idea of the powder 'exfoliant' turning into a creamy liquid when added to water however the exfoliant wasn't very exfoliating, now I know it shouldnt be overpowering as it is designed to be used daily but then I also felt that when it turned in to the cream that didn't do a great deal either and it just disappeared of my face and didnt feel like it did a lot at all. I persavered with it as I sometimes was unsure of the ratio I was meant to be using incase it was my fault and I was using it wrong but I have now used the entire pot which took a really long time which is great as it shows it goes a long way but i'm still not greatly impressed.

So sorry for the more negative post this time but everyone cant love everything right, do you like these or any other Dermalogica products? Let me know.
Bye for now.x

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