Tuesday, 5 March 2013

On Trail: Nivea Stress Protect anti-perspirant

As a lover of products new releases are always exciting and when hearing of this new release from Nivea I was intsantly interested in trying it. Within my job as a beauty therapist your days are physical, busy and require lots of movement within treatments and around your clients therefore personal hygeine is incredibly important. Plus when isnt there a time in anyone lives when stressful situations could arise at any moment, so because of this and the number of anti-perspirants I have used in the past I thought it was a good option to try out.

What they Claim:
  • Extra protection in stressful situations with Stress Protect actives and Zinc complexes - well it sounds promising but all a bit  to sciencey for me to actually know if those ingredients will do much
  • 48 hours of effective anti-perspirant protection and gentle care - 48 hours protection is a big cliam to make but similar to all the 16+ hour wear foundations will it really be worn for that long however it does make it more promising it willl last the hours that it is worn
  • Antibacterial formula with Zinc Complex which helps fight body odour - well the 'complexes' are back now claiming to be antibacterial which I guess is a good thing and fighting body odour is a very key component for a good deodrant for me
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically approved - recently I have discovered that my skin is starting to become sensitive to more products so this is always a bonus especially as the underarms can be a sensitive area as it is
  • Without alcohol or colourants - again another bonus to ensure it is suitable for sensitive areas and kind to the skin
After testing out this product for a couple of weeks I can say that I really enjoyed using it, actually can you enjoy a deodrant or is that slightly strange? Anyway what I am trying to say it was a great product and completed many of the claims which the company made. I found that it was really good at providing protection against body odour and excess sweat, whether this was due to the 'Stress Protect Actives' or it was just a high qaulity deodrant im not too sure but it did a great job for me with out being harsh on the skin. I was impressed and pleased with this product and will possibly try the roll on from the 'Nivea Stress Protect' range too. Has anyone else tried these products yet? What are your thoughts?
Bye for now.x

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