Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Dip in the Tub

I got inspired to do this post by recently watching one of the lovley Zoe's also know as Zoella youtube videos about her pamper evening essentials which you can view here. Now after a long week a work when my weekend finally came around I spent my Saturday afternoon in a very similar way so thought I would share my wonderful occasion with you too.

Now an essential to me is to always start with a nice hot bath, aahhh, literally I cannot stop my mouth from saying this every time I get in. Im usually one for a bubble bath and today I used 'Sainsburys Sleep Moments' bubble bath link, these products dont have a great deal of smell however make great bubbles and are great value too. When in I usually have an array of shower gels and scrubs to choose from and today I went for the 'Anatomicals, Dont Just Clean it Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub' link I got this in one of my glossy boxes and loved this product, it has a fairly strong grapefruit smell and has apricot seed as its exfoliant. This scrub isnt too harsh on the skin and create a nice lather as you massage it in which I really like. As im usually a shower kinda girl anytime I have a bath is a time to have a mini facial, I first cleansed using my 'No 7 Cleansing Brush link and Foaming Cleanser link' and then applied my 'Its Nature, Pomegranates and Coffee Facial Scrub' link Now I say mine I actually brought this for my sister but you know I have to give it a test run too. I really like this product and will possibly have a further review on it in the future, it is a gel formula and looks not too promising in the tub but on the skin feels amazing, there are tiny little exfoliants inside which give a harsher scrub then you would think but this is great for my combination skin, the scent is very strong, predominantly coffee and it doubles up as a mask too so if you leave it on you get even more benefits from it!
You can see my full review of this product here
While letting that sit I then tend to move on to hair, at the moment I have been using the 'Alberto Balsam' shampoos and conditioners link, specifically the juicy green apple today, I love these as they have great scents, different properties for different hair types and they are super super cheap. I then rinse of and out all of the lovely products and move on to the hydration stage, recently I have been trialing the 'Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream' link facial moisturiser again another glossy box treat and a really nice product, it is a light cream, soft on the skin and has a medium strength of the raspberry scent however it doesnt linger on the skin for too long. Another glossy box sample I have been constantly reaching for is the 'Alison Claire Remarkable Mango Body Butter' link this product smells absolutly amazing and is a great texture on the skin, thick enough to feel like its really hydrating the skin but it doesnt feel sticky and wet for too long either. I then usually like to finish off with a little pedicure, as I cant wear nail polish on my hands in my line of work my little trotters get the benefits of looking pretty instead, todays colour of choice was 'OPI's Wocka Wocka! link

Well I hope you like this little run through of my pamper afternoon, I would love to read up on others or good products to use within one of these little session if you have seen any good ones or have created one yourself. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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