Monday, 11 March 2013

Empties #1

So heres our first empties blogpost, I have 6 products that I have used up recently I thought I would keep the number low just to ease us in to the swing of this. So lets get started.. up first haircare. I brought a 'Vosene' anti-dandruff shampoo (link) as I started to suffer with a dry flaky scalp during the colder winter months so I thought I would try this brand out. I went for the citrus refresh fragrence as it was also recommended for a more greasy hair type, the scent was nice much better than the original which smells like dog shampoo, not a great fan, however im not sure that it gave much help to my scalp at all. I dont know if it was because I wasnt using it enough or because I chose the wrong range and should of gone for a more dry hair and scalp formula im not too sure but I wasnt hugley impressed.

A shampoo range which I am a much bigger fan of is the 'Alberto Balsam' range of shampoo and conditioners (link). These come in a big range of different scents which also claim to provide different benefits for different hair types, the one I recently finished up was the juicy green apple get fresh shampoo and conditioner which is recommended for normal to greasy hair types. The scent is just as expected and a very fresh and fruity scent which lingers on the hair all day too which I love, I have tried a number of the different scents available and they all smell amazing and make you hair feel great after too. My favourite is the coconut and to top it all off they are only £0.99p each!

My next empty bottle is my 'Anatomicals, Dont Just Clean it Woman Scrub it Body Scrub' (link) this was given to me in one of my 'Glossy Boxes' and I loved using it up. This scrub is made up of apricot seed which provides the grainy exfoliant however this formula also turns into a soft lather as it is massaged over the skin which I personally really like. This scrub has a very strong grapefruit/ citrus smell which I didnt mind but others could find it slightly overpowering. I also love the packaging of the 'Anatomicals' products with their bright colours, interesting names and designs.

Another lovely 'Glossy Box' sample is the 'Alison Clare Remarkable Mango Body Butter' (link) now mango is one of my all time favourite scents and flavours so was really excited when I recieved this in my box. This product has a really sweet mango fragrence which I adore and feels great on the skin, it is as it says a body butter texture so much thicker than a lotion however sinks really well into the skin so doesnt leave a sticky residue behind. A few facts about the product include it being perfect for sensitive skin, it is made up with natural fragrances and 70% of the ingredients are organic which I think are great to include within products like this as it shows that there isn't any nasty chemicals or a lot of man made materials which cant be too great for the skin, lets be honest.

Next up a product that has become a holy grail to me, the 'Yves Rocher Cleasing Water for Face and Eyes' (link) I use this on some cotton pads and wipe it all over my face and eyes and it is great at removing all traces of make up, the consistancy is between water and a gel and made with cornflour water making it a soothing and refreshing method of cleansing the face and making it perfect for all skin types and areas of the face. As far as I know this can only be purchased from their website as it is a French brand however I do know when it is sent to you it is sent from a UK destination so delivery is quick and easy.

Last but not least my final empty product is a 'The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm' (link) I have had this lip balm for a fairly long time and as a lip balm lover I tend to dip in and out of different ones all the time. This one I got in the scent raspberry and it smells light, fruity and well like raspberrys, it also has a soft jelly like texture which was great for ease of use and provided a very sheer berry colour to the lips when applied to which I really liked too. These are good value for money and although I personally prefer a stick form of balms i'm sure i'll always have one of these laying around somewhere.

Bye for now.x

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