Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Little Pedi Pamper

One way that I like to have a pamper and relax is by giving myself a mini pedicure, so I thought with my beauty therapy background and just my general love for pampering and all things beauty I thought I would share with you the things I like to do to give my little trotters a treat.

First up I give me feet a nice long soak in some hot soapy water, firstly because it feels so nice but also as its great to soften the nails and cuticles for the up coming steps. Whilst soaking the feet this is when I would remove the old nail polish, I usually use 'Sally Hansen' not for a paticular reason but because it is easy to get hold of and does the job. I will also use a foot file which are also widley available in the highstreet/ drugstores and use this on the heels and balls of my feet to reduce any hard or dry skin, they will usually come double sided one slightly rougher to really file down any hard skin and a softer one to then buff and smooth the skin after.

I then move on to cutting and filing the nails, I like my toenails fairly short but with a bit of the free edge (white tip) showing so they look and allow for a much better paint and finished look. Another thing that can really help this is pushing back and trimming any excess cuticle, cuticle is formed to protect where the nail is made but can become over grown so pushing it back and trimming the edges gives a much cleaner and polished finish.

These are the main steps that I carry out while my feet are in the water and when I finally remove them it is important to rehydrate them as water can dehydrate the skin so you should always put some back in. This can be done in a few different ways, you could use a foot mask, apply a moisturiser and let it soak in or apply a thick moisturiser and wrap the feet in clingfilm and thick socks and the heat from the feet really aid the absorbtion of the products.

I then finally move onto the polish. This time I used a new polish which is one of the 'Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Papaya' which is a new spring colour in their high shine range. I used two coats of the polish and no top coat and I was pretty impressed with the shine it gave, especially as the polish wasnt much thicker than a standard polish which I was expecting for the 'gel-like' effect. I then finish off by spraying a small amount of rapid dry spray by 'Elegant Touch' which speeds up the drying time of nail polish, partly by applying a think layer of oil making the polish less sticky and partly by .. well im not too sure really, but it works well.

A run down of all the products I used include:
Carex Hand Soap - to create the bubbles for the soak link
Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover - for soft/ brittle nails link
Foot File - hard skin removal link
Nail Clippers + Nail File - to shape the nails link+link
Orange Stick + Cuticle Nippers - remove excess cuticle link+link
Barry M Nail Polish - Papaya link
Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray - speeds up drying time link
 Thanks for stopping by again, hope you enjoyed. Bye for now.x

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