Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Two Little Cherubs

Now today I thought I would share with you my love with the beautiful little kitty cat creatures. I had never had a pet cat until 4 years ago when I got my first and because of this was unaware how amusing and adorable they are to have as a family pet. Now I have my two twinnies Missy and Maisie who really are like my own.

Spot the difference anyone?
A few little things that just make me love cats more and more;
- they live the best lifestyle ever just lounging around the house like they own the place
- they are really affectionate and love a little snuggle
- they are little comedians and still act like kittens, well mine do and their 3
- they seem to find the most unique and tiniest places to take cover and snooze

I hope you like my little introduction to my chubbas I am appreciative of any cute cat pictures or pages, send me some links or cute pictures of your pets.
Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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