Thursday, 7 March 2013

Favourites #1

So here we are with our first favourites post, now I didnt want to call it a monthly favourites as I dont think I try/ use enough products/ things to provide a decend post for you every month so for now I think i'll keep it as it comes when it comes. Okay? Now the introduction is over and done with lets get on shall we.

First up is something I recieved in a 'Glossy Box' a while back and it is 'JASON Lips Bee Healthier' lip balm. Whenever I use this product I absolutley love it, its really soft and nourishing on the skin which I believe comes from the aloe and beeswax used to make it. It also claims to have 70% organic ingredients which is always nice to know and it has the most delicious smell of mint chocolates...yum! I loved this product as soon as I tried it and when I decided to research it a little more was interested to find it isn't from a big cosmetics company but actually a family skin/ sun care brand which I really like as a lot of people dont protect their lips with an spf so your getting the best from all aspects with this little beauty. You can find the link to their website here.

Carrying on with the lip balm theme as I do love a good moisturised lip! I move onto the 'Miss Sporty Dr Balm's' link I picked up a couple of these a while ago as I was browsing for a lip product that would provide a bit of colour but not as heavy as a lip stick as I have never been a bright lip kinda gal so I thought what better than a tinted lip balm. I was impressed with these as they feel moisturising on the lips and provide a fairly sheer but still a good tint of colour. I have tried 3 of the shades which include a light frosty pink, a hot pink and a orange/ coral colour, the darker shades definatly provide a higher pigmentation but I think these are perfect for someone who doesnt want a product that looks or feels too much. A definate repurchase for me!

Next up the 'Yves Rocher Cleansing Water for Face and Eyes' I have been using this product for a long time now and found it by one day randomly browsing the 'Yves Rocher' website link after recieving a sample from them in one of my 'Glossy boxes.' I had always wanted to try a water cleanser for ease of use and I absolutley love this one to death. It is super gentle on the skin so much it can be used on the eyes too and does a great job of removing whatever make up I am wearing that day. It has a texture between water and a thin gel and feels really refreshing and cooling on the skin. This can be found on their website and retail for £7 for 200ml and they seem to constantly have different sales and promotions on too! Love!!

Another product I have loved using recently is my 'No 7 Cleansing Brush' I brought this fairly recently when 'Boots' actually had a 3 for 2 and a sale on it so I just could not help myself. But I could not be any happier with my purchase now as I love it, I use this every evening after I remove my make up so I know that I have had a really deep cleanse and any stubborn make up or dirt is removed from skin. For my oily/ combination skin using the product like this is perfect for me and I love the feel of the brush on my skin too. I havent tried any of the other similar cleansing brushes that are available but I am very happy with this one right now. I did do a more detail review on this product which you can find here.

I have a couple random favourites for you today too firstly one being 'Berocca's' (link.) If you are unsure these are vitamin tablets that are placed into a glass of water which dissolve into a drink. Recently I have always been feeling tired and sluggish and this was the perfect pick me up I was looking for. I have tried all the three flavours which are orange, mixed berry and tropical, they taste like the fruit with a slight dissolved asprin like taste but they are drinkable and not completely awful. They say they are best to take first thing in the morning as they give you a boost of all the vitamins and minerals you need to give you a boost for the day and any excess that your body doesnt need is removed in you wee, so be prepared for some brightly colour toilet sightings.

My final favourite for today is actually my money box, well tip jar to be precise. I found this cute little thing whilst looking through the christmas sale things in my local supermarket. It has a really cute photoframe like design with the money slot at the top and it allows you to place a picture in it for what you are saving your money for. I have chosen not to do this as I dont have anything specific to save my money for at the minute it will most likely go to something ever so exciting like savings because I live on the edge like that. But I thought it was a great little thing to use to save up any tips I get from work and I love the fact that you can see into it so you can watch the money pile up.. well hopefully, if it gets enough!

Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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