Monday, 18 March 2013

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush Stain

Recently there has been a lot of new lip stain product launches and when I recieved this 'Jelly Pong Pong' one in my March 'Glossy Box' I was really excited to try it out. had never used any lip stain products previous to this so this was also a great way for me to see if it was worth giving any of the new ones out on the market a go.

The 'Jelly Pong Pong' stain says to be 'a moisturising stain that tints your lips with just the right amount of colour and hydrates like a balm' so I decided to give the product a bit of a test run and wore it for a day at work. The colour I recieved was a very hot blue toned pink, which usually would be a colour I wouldn't even think of choosing but after wearing it for a while it really grew on me. When first applying the product it is very silky and smooth and at first did make me think it was too soft to give any staining effect but it did seem to prove me wrong and the glossy moisturising feeling stayed put for a while too which I really like.

This picture was taken straight after I firstly applied the product at roughly 10 in the morining, as I said it was really nice to apply, there was a good colour pay off and a really nice glossy shine too.

These next two picture were taken whilst at work so the lighting is slightly different showing more of the blue undertones of the colour. This first one was roughly 2 to 3 hours after first application and the colour pigment is still strong, there is slightly less shine but not drying on the lips at all so still impressive.

A few hours later so around 3pm you can see that there was some fading occuring and the colour was starting to disappear from the centre of the lips but remaining more around the outer rim. When this happened it didnt look bad on the lips as it faded very naturally and didnt leave patches or cling to any dry patches apart from the lip line. I was impressed that it faded nicely in this way because during this time I had been drinking and eating and most likely licking my lips as I am awful for that.

 My final picture shows when I had returned home that evening at around 7pm and the colour had completly faded. As you can see no colour remains which could be a negative as the lips werent stained heavily as nothing at all remained at the end of the day like I had worn nothing in the first place, however on the other hand it had faded so nicely that there wasn't any dry patches or creases which could of looked liked my lip product had faded and I just couldnt be bothered to sort it out.

Overall as a first try of a lip stain product I was impressed, I liked the application of the product, the way it looked on the lips and the way it lasted and even when it started to fade it did it evenly and made it not noticable in a bad way at all. So I am very happy with this little goody from my 'Glossy Box' and will be hoping to find and try out some other stains from 'Jelly Pong Pong' and some other leading brands soon.
Bye for now.x

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