Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nail of the Day - Essie Bikini So Teenie

As I have said in one of my previous nail polish posts I rarely wear polish on my fingers due to my work therefore change up my toe nails a lot and thought I would share them with you instead, apologies for any foot phobias out there.

This polish is Bikini So Teenie from Essie which is one of my newer ones in my collection and I got this in one of my previous beauty boxes and I absolutely love it. It is a beautiful blue/ lilac colour which also has a very subtle glitter within in it. The polish comes up a little more blue in the photographs but I think it looks pretty damn cute which ever way it looks. Essie polishes have become more and more popular recently especially as they are now available on the high street in Boots which you can find here and retail for £7.99 for a 15ml polish bottle. I don't think this price is extortionate however is still a little high for me if I was going to buy a lot of them but for a special colour that may have been recommended or raved about over and over I may just pick one up.

Do you think £7.99 is too much for a polish or do you have any Essie colours you would really recommend? Let me know, thanks for stopping by.x

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