Wednesday, 25 September 2013

iWhite Teeth Whitening System Review

I picked this up a few weeks ago after having a little pop into Boots when I was picking some other things up, I had seen a post from another blogger that they had recently launched in the Uk and as it was was on offer for £19.99 in Boots at the time I thought I would give it a try.

The iWhite system comes with 5 sets of pre-filled trays with the whitening solution in meaning you could whiten both the top and bottom sets of teeth at the same time and there is minimal if any mess as it is all done for you. I was interested to see how the one size tray fits all as I don't have the most perfect top set of teeth from being a naughty thumb sucking child, at first I did have a little trouble with it not being high enough in my mouth but I soon learned I could pop my finger between the two trays to hold them in place and as they only take 20 minutes it wasn't too much trouble.

The box says you could use the trays every s often as your teeth needed them but for optimum results use all five trays for five days on the trot, I have never had over stained or yellow teeth as my main fluid is always water or green tea, exciting I know but luckily I'm just not a huge fan or fizzy drinks or coffee or anything like that. Below you can see the pictures I took from before I used them and everyday after I used them.

I did make a bit of a photo fail as they weren't all taken at the same time of day meaning the natural light that was around changed slightly meaning that some of the photos didn't come out as expected and a little of colour. However overall you can see and I can see in person that there is a difference in the colour although not shockingly different I'm not sure if this was because my teeth don't have a lot of staining so it is just my natural teeth colour or that the product doesn't work that well.

However if you we're thinking of trying out some teeth whitening products I would still recommend these as they are easy to use, created zero sensitivity and and pretty good value for money for some of the whitening systems you can find on the market today. Have you ever tried this brand and get results or any of the other brands, let me know I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by,bye for now.x

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