Monday, 9 September 2013

A Tiny Bit of A Huge Haul.. Possibly

Now I am awfully sorry my posts have been a bit lack lustre and posted every now and then but I seemed to have hit a bit of a bloggers block but now feel in much better form and everything should be coming back at you thick and fast with some good content .. hopefully. So what better way to get me back in the swing of it than sharing a pretty big haul of things I may have just purchased.

My first stop in my local town was Boots as I had my eyes set on a couple of things to pick up which also happened to be two of my most expensive purchases. Firstly was the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which is a 'corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection skin care' product now from that currently I'm not sure if its a serum or moisturiser so will need to read a little further but a lot of people have spoke about this including Tanya Burr and Ruth Crilly so if it lives up to the claim there will definitely be a follow up post on this. Another product I got which I'm interested to see results from is the I - White Instant Teeth Whitening Kit, this was on sale in Boots with £5 off making it £19.99 which I think is not a bad price as it contains 10 trays meaning you can do your upper and lower teeth 5 times and it also claim to suit everyone's teeth so again their will definitely be a more detailed post on this purchase if it goes well... or horrifically wrong.

Whilst in Boots I picked up a few of their own brand products from the Botanics line and also their Skin Clear range which I personally have never seen before in store. I was hunting for a new face mask similar to one of my old favourites the Sanctuary 10 Minute Thermal Mask and although this one doesn't claim to be thermal of any kind the Iconic Clay Mask Shine Away has a very similar texture and properties such as deeply cleansing and removing impurities so I thought I would give it a try. I also picked up their All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll on which is very similar to the No.7 eye gel which I have just finished up but a lot lot cheaper. Within their possibly new Skin Clear range which seems to be a budget teen acne/ oily skin care range I found a One Touch Spot Stick which is a clear gel that is applied directly to spots to reduce and clear breakouts and also their Oil Absorbing Sheets. In my later teenage life I have suffered from pretty oily skin but never tried any blotting sheets so I thought what better chance as all of this range is very pocket friendly.

My next stop was Superdrug as I was hoping to pick up a new perfume and as the fan girl I am I of course wanted to smell the new one from One Direction too, I was hoping to love Our Moment but it didn't wow me and I'm usually all for all the celebrity scents but it smelt a little to floral for me and the bottle didn't really win me over either but I did see Katy Perry's new Killer Queen scent which I ended up getting. It has a typical sweet scent but as it settles on the skin reveals a bit more of a muskier tone but still sweet and sugary and the bottle is pretty out their too and will compliment any dresser. Whilst as Superdrug I also spotted some own brand packet masks very similar to Montagne Jeunesse brand which I adore so picked up a couple of them too to give a whirl.

My final stop off was in H&M as it was on travels back to the car and just pulled me in, I went straight to the sale section as my balance spent was rising pretty high but I found two pieces which I love and were on an amazing sale. The first I found was the lacy skull top, I have nothing like this in my wardrobe but over the summer have grown to love bandeaus which I thought would look really cute under this as it is completely sheer and see through. I also found a bright pink pair of jeans for just £5, recently I lost a little weight which seemed to go from my bum and thighs meaning that none on my jeans were fitting me right anymore and I spotted these and fell in love and they are super soft so will be really comfy and look great too!

Well that was a bit of a long one, apologies for that but that was fun to buy and write about the high some females get from shopping is strange but its oh so addictive. What have you been up to recently I would love to know, thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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