Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nivea Lip Butter

Now i'm not sure how long these lip butters have been around and it is just me that when ever I hear 'lip butter' I immediately think of the 'Revlon' cult products. However this lip butter comes in a small tin and is much more of a lip hydration treatment rather than colour and balm in one. I heard of these on a fellow blog and am not entirely sure if they are a fairly new release however I have not heard of them before picking this one up last week from 'Boots'.

I got my lip butter in the vanilla and macadamia flavour, is flavour the right word? Flavour.. scent.. variety.. whatever I got the vanilla and macadamia one. It has the exact scent of the vanilla childrens 'Petit Filous' dessert yoghurt, if you are unfamilier with what i'm talking about which is probably likely it has a sweet white chocolatly and vanilla scent which smells so damn delicious. It comes in a tin similar to a petroleum jelly based lip balm however is much more creamier in both look and texture and to me seems much more nourishing and hydrating. It has ingredients including shea butter and sweet almond oil which most likely help to create the real softness and moisturising properties of the product. This is a definite recommendation from me for just £1.99 a pot, as long as you don't mind the whole sticking your finger in the pot kinda balm.

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