Monday, 17 June 2013

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

Well hello there, today I have a little review on this mascara I picked up a couple of months back, I got it in my local Superdrug when getting the '123 perfect' foundation which has become a bit of a staple foundation for me and when buying it they had an offer or a certain percentagage off (I cant quite remember which) on there mascaras of which I picked this one.

This mascara is said to give a dramatic look and extreme volume which I thought is pretty perfect for a night out (hense the name I guess) and for if you really wanted a bold look. It also says to be ultra resistant which not one bit do I disagree with, therefore if you happen to be one of the people who aren't a fan of the super resistant/ waterproof mascaras so much so that they are impossible to get off I would probably avoid this one.

As for volume I must admit it does give pretty good volume, the mascara formulation is quite thick, but still quite wet if that makes sense which usually i'm not a fan of ones too wet but becasue of the thickness I think it works. It has a medium sized brush with quite short fibres which I think add to the volumized look. The picture below shows me with one coat of the mascara, you can see in the before shot the dark line of my lashes but they aren't greatly lifted or visable. The second shot with the mascara on gives a much more enhanced look and the effect of this can be built even further by layering it however after one coat you do have to be careful of it looking a bit clumpy but it definitly give me some lift a volume and lasts super long too.

I had no other make up on when taking these so apologies for how hurrendous the rest of what you can see of my face may look but thats beside the point , im pretty impressed with this mascara I think if it wasn't such a chore to get of I would love it but there again to be able to swim, sweat do god knows what without it budging is pretty good and worth it I suppose.
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