Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Do Correcting Serums Really Work?

In the market a number of different serums and creams are being created to do new and different things from anti wrinkle to evening skin tone. As I work fairly closely with the brand 'Temple Spa' within my work I decided to try out one of their new serums that was released a few months back which is said to correct the skin. 'Be Clear' is said to be 'the ultimate correcting serum' with properties including lightening age spots, regulating pigmentation and anti aging benefits. When talking with a member of the 'Temple Spa' product team she also informed me that because of the evening of pigmentation and work with the melanin within the skin which is what gives the skin its pigment can also help to reduce the signs of acne scarring and even freckles.

As I have acne scarring, feckles and slight uneven pigmentation on  my skin I thought it was the perfect product for me to trial. This serum is to be used morning and evening underneath your daily moisturiser, is light in texture and sinks into the skin really fast. I thought the best way to test this was to ensure I applied it twice daily to my skin for 2 weeks and see if I could see a noticable difference.

As you can see from the pictures above, the first being before I started using the serum and the second being afterwards you can see a slight difference between the two. The skin does seem to have a more even tone and texture and feels this way in person too. When taking the second picture my skin had been behaving well and i'm unsure whether this is to do with the serum or a mixture of other products I may have been using but I think that also helped the skin look more even between the two pictures. I wasn't expecting extreme differences and results from using the serum however am pleased with the little difference it has made. I will definitley continue to use the serum as it is a lovely product to use and hopefully will continue to give me results or prevent any pigmentation damadge from occuring.

Have you tried any correcting serums or products? Have you tried any Temple Spa products before? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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