Monday, 24 June 2013

MUA Lipsticks

I had heard various reviews and feedback on the brand 'MUA' and their products, majority being good so I took it upon myself as a good little beauty blogger to try out some of their products. I had heard from a friend that they loved their red lipstick and it really did look great on her, and everyone needs a good red lipstick.. or 2 or .. 3 right? I used to be pretty shy on using a lot of colour on my lips however have now come around to it and pick up two of their lipsticks and love them.

The first shade I got was their shade 13 red lipstick, this shade has had pretty good feedback all round being a great colour, long lasting and of course super cheap which I completely agree with. This shade is your perfect classic red colour is easy to apply and really does last, when wearing this I could probably go an entire day just topping it up once or twice but you could probably do even less if using a good liner and gloss on top.

The second shade I got was 16 Nectar, unlike the other one this one had a name, well I'm guessing its the name and I prefer it so much more when products have names rather than just a number, am I the only one like that? This lipstick is a peachy orange shade, one of the colours I always tend to lean towards and looks really great on the lips it is a fairly bright colour however still very wearable on a day to day basis.

The consistency of the lipsticks are very creamy and easy to apply, I found occasionally if my lips were on the dryer side it did cling a little so I would make sure you prepped your lips with a little exfoliation first, however I did find this more on the lighter shade of the two so I'm not sure if it is the same with all of the lighter colours. And well for just £1 can you really go wrong! I'm pretty impressed with these and love wearing them and will definitely head back to see if they have any other good colours or other products for me to try. Have you tried any 'MUA' products?
'MUA' can be found pretty easily in most 'Superdrug' stores or online here.

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