Friday, 14 June 2013

Face Mask Friday- Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate

Since I was around 15/ 16 and started getting more interested into skin care I discovered the mask sachets from 'Montagne Jeunesse' and absolutely loved them, they come in a huge variety of different scents and flavours which also provide different benefits for your skin and to this day I still love to use them.

This mask is the 'White Chocolate Ultra Deep Cleaning Mask' this tends to be the typical type of mask I would go for which cleanses the skin really well and may help with any excess oil and/ or breakout I may have at the time, which I may add is quite a lot of the time.. uurggh. This mask was quite a thick creamy consistency and white as expected, I wouldn't say it smelt of white chocolate but more of an alcoholic chocolate truffle type sweet mixed with cocoa butter which still smelt pretty damn good.

I applied it to my entire face and I also like to take it under the chin and down onto the neck as I can sometime get little break outs there too, this used up around half of the packet so you can get a good 2/3 uses out of each which is great! This mask dried to a clay, hard finish which is perfect for an oily skin type and this drying feeling can be felt within minutes of having the mask on. I tend to leave my masks on for around half and hour so they get a good length of time to do their thing!

I find it best to remove clay masks firstly by patting your skin with a warm flannel or face cloth to re hydrate the masks so it isn't dry or flakey then it makes it much easier to wipe away. Afterwards my skin really felt like it had been deep cleansed, it felt super fresh and clean and was also really soft too. I would recommend this brand for masks over and over as I really love them and will definitely be repurchasing some more.

Have you ever tried any masks from this brand? Let me know what your favourite masks are! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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