Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Purchases!

Recently I stumbled across the fragrance direct website well I say stumbled believe it or not I have never visited before so thought I was well over due a little look. If you are unaware this website has a huge array of products and brands at discounted prices and I warn you can spend hours browsing the site and probably lose a few pennies too. So I thought I would give you a little insight to the goodies I found and are looking forward to trying out.

 The first couple of items I got were not greatly exciting were some cuticle nippers as mine have broken so needed replacing and also some hairspray, I was looking for some hairspray as I was running seriously low and come across this 'Bristows Extra Hold Hairspray' this first caught my eye as the huge can was only 99p but also because this is the hairspray my nan used to use. It doesn't have an amazing scent but the usual hairspray kind of smell but when I use it, it really brings back memories of always watching my nan do her hair and make up which I believe was one of my inspirations for my interest in this industry.

I also found a couple other things for under £1 which was these 'Mudd' mask sachets, I love using these as you can try a number of different masks and brands for super cheap and although these sachet samples always say its for one use you can really always at least get 2 uses from them. I got two different types the first being the original deep cleansing clay mask and also gentle cleansing peel of mask. So look forward to reviews of these in upcoming face mask Friday posts!

My two final products are the more exciting of the bunch firstly I got an 'Essie' polish this will only be the second I have ever tried/ owned as they are pretty expensive normally however I found this one for just £1.99 along with quite a few other colours too. This is a bright hot pink colour with blue shimmery undertones too it and is called 'Tour de Finance'. I also picked up a lip product from 'Maybelline' which is one of their colour sensational pop sticks in the colour 020 Tropical Pink. I have never seen or used anything like this before as it is a jelly like see through product with a balmy like feel but still a good colour pay off. It also smells really sweet and is a coral pink colour although swatches as more of a hot pink colour but still really pretty.

So there are my few little finds, have you ever used fragrance direct before? What are you favourite discounted places for beauty products? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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