Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm

 Now all over the beauty blogging world the advice and comments on the types of products most importantly cleansers we are using on our skin has become a bit of a trend. Now I have always been the kind of person to try all kinds of products usually because I'm always drawn to special offers, cheap and cheerful me but because of the new trending cleansing routines everyone is trying out I found this Boots Botanics cleansing balm to try out.

This balm is said to be a 97% organic hot cloth cleansing balm which helps to deeply cleanse and smooth the skin. The balm is a lot firmer at first touch than I thought it would be however breaks down really fast into a smooth oil texture. One thing I love about balmy cleansers or oils when using them they take the heat from your hands and create a lovely warm sensation which makes the skin fell even more thoroughly cleansed.

This balm contains ingredients including olive, jojoba and sweet almond oil, beeswax and Shea butter  which are all super moisturising and nourishing ingredients for the skin. It doesn't have an amazing scent it smells a little like Vaseline in the tub but it isn't as strong when being used on the skin plus because of the oily consistency the tiniest bit goes such as long way so cash friendly as it only cost 8.99 too!

I'm pretty impressed with this big street cleansing balm, have you ever tried this or any other balm/oil cleansers? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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