Sunday, 14 July 2013

Empties #5

So here we are again with a little insight of the products I have used up recently and what I thought of them. First up I have a couple facial products, the first being the 'No7 Beautiful Cleanser' now I know recently there has been a little bit of controversy over foaming cleansers and whether they are good for you skin or not. Now I brought this a little while ago when I got my facial cleansing  brush from 'No7' as they had recommended to use this with it, I have used this in the past too and thought it worked well, it is aimed at the normal/ oily skin types and felt it made my skin refreshed and oil free but not dry or tight at all.

Another facial product I have finished is the 'Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser' I grew up as a young teenager reaching for this skin care brand as it is easily accessible and affordable, and believe the ever so lovely Tanya Burr recommended this is one of her Youtube videos too. It is a very light consistency but still provides a good amount of moisture for the skin, it has very little scent which is great for the sensitive skin sufferers who may also have oily skin problems too. I wouldn't say this was that great at helping control and combat the shine but was however a good standard day to day moisturiser.

Next up a couple body products firstly a deodorant, I know I am ridiculously exciting! This deodorant from 'Nivea' was one of their more recent product launches as it was said to help protect against sweat caused by sweat in day to day life and activities. I quite liked this it has a standard deodorant like smell but performed well and did the job. You can see a little more information in a full post I did about this here. I also used up a body lotion from 'Temple Spa' know as the calming skin balm 'Peace be Still' this moisturiser is aimed at people who may have sensitive skin as it includes many calming ingredients to help settle and soften the skin. However surprisingly it has quite a strong lemongrass type scent but it did not react on my skin which can be fairly sensitive at times, I did find it wasn't the most hydrating of lotions but wasn't awful and did feel nice when applying.

My final empty is a 'Tresemme Touchable Finish' hairspray, I had a travel size version of this product which is perfect for the handbag however I personally never tend to carry them with me I think they just happened to be on offer. The has the typical Tresemme hairspray scent, nothing special but did do a really great job of providing hold to my hair but still being soft to touch which I really noticed when I had my hair curled. One thing I did notice though as it seemed to go incredibly fast, i'm pretty sure I had one in my last empties post and I don't use hair spray that often or that much at a time, but it did the job I wanted and reasonably priced too so it wasn't the end of the world.

So thanks for stopping by again, have you used any of these products before? Or finished up any products you really love recently? Let me know, bye for now.x

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