Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Multi-purpose on the cheap?

Currently within the beauty industries more and more multi purpose balms and products are appearing and they are becoming incredibley popular. However even though they are multi functional and can be used all over the body for different things some of them can still be a little pricey. A little while back I was looking for an oil to use within my hair as an occasional hair mask treat and came across this coconut oil in 'Superdrug' which you can find online here.

This coconut oil is solid at room temperature however melts once within contact with the warmth of you hands. I personally like to use it mainly for a hair treatment so melt a peice of the oil by rubbing it between my hands and then apply it too the ends of my hair where they tend to be the driest and most damadged however I do sometime like the apply it to entire hair and scalp for an all over moisturising treatment. With my fairly normal hair it is recommended to leave the oil in for around 2 hours however if you have very dry or course hair it is suitable to be left in overnight within a hair turban or any other sort of protector.

Other uses for this oil include using it as a body moisturiser which I have done in the past and is great for a real hydrating treat however it does sit on the skin for a fair while similarly to a palmers moisturiser which you can see a little more about here so if your not one to be waiting for moisturisers to sink in and want to get up and go its probably not the best use for you. An alternative could be adding it into the bath as it smells amazing and will hydrate your skin that way or of course can just be applied to those little dry areas such as the elbows or cuticles for a little moisturising hit.

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