Thursday, 16 May 2013

May Glossy Box

This months box seemed to come round super fast this time, however I think it may also have been to do with my poor late upload of last month's box review. Now leading up to recieving it all over twitter and various other online sites I was starting to see sneak peeks and glimpse' of what was going to be in the box (which I must add I didn't look at any as I love the surprise) because it is Glossy Box' 2nd birthday!

Firstly this month I loved how there was cute special birthday tissue paper and a bright pink bow which made it all the more excitednand then as I opened it up, which I must add I try to do with great care which never goes to plan I was excited to find 7 little items inside! Firstly i'll start with the 2 extra gifts, the first of which I couldn't resist before I even thought about taking my photos which was a mini 'Green and Blacks' dark chocolate bar which was delicious, great start for me and the other extra gift I was really suprised at and have never seen anything like it before was a set of little mini nail files which are super cute, perfect for on the go and there was loads of them! They are'nt the harshest of files however it is such a great idea for travel and you could pop one all over the place and you would never be without a file.

So onto the main items, the first thing which caught my eye was a mini 'Nails Inc' polish as it is a beautiful bright coral orange called ' flammable' which I think is the perfect name for it. This is the third polish I have recieved from this brand and I am still not bored I like having mini bottles as it is more likely you will use alot of the polish before it thickens and goes gloopy, the Nail Inc polishes are great qaulity and beautiful colours too. Next was the 'Caudalie Divine Oil' now I have heard a fair bit about the brand with their popular elixir and other products however have never personally tried any. This oil is said to be a dry oil for the face hair and body, I love dry oils for the body however have never tried them on my hair or my face especially because of my oily skin it does make  me a little nervous to use it there however I will definitly try it out as I have never tried a facial oil and has a beautiful floraly scent.

I recieved two facial products this month firstly a facial moisturiser 'Premae Harmony Balm' which personally I have never heard of the brand however the moisturiser is said to be perfect for combination/ oily skin like mine as it has primer and moisturiser properties levaing a silky finish and also contains lemongrass and aloe vera to help calm breakouts and reduce excess oil which sounds perfect for me so i'm looking forward to trying it out. The second product is from 'Beautiful Movements Cosmetics' formally known as 'BM Beauty' which I have recieved a product from in the past, which is said to be a primer and mixing medium meaning it can be used under your make up to mattify and perfect the skin but also can be mixed within your make up to change the textures of liquid and powder products. I think this sounds very promising, I haven't had a great deal of luck with primers which then put me off of purchasing any for them not to work so i'm looking forward to giving this a test run.

My final product of the month I was very excited about is the 'Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara' I have never used any mascaras other than from the highstreet/ drugstore so was looking forward to see if the high end ones are really worth the money. This mascara is said to be a 4 in 1 as it provides volume, length, curl and care, the wand is pretty unique and personally I have never seen anything like it and is made of three balls with fibre bristles, I found the having the wand like this definatley helped to grab all the lashes and seperate them especially as they are fairly short and stiff, it also gave a good amount of curl and volume once I had applied a second coat. So yes I am impressed with this high end mascara but doubt I would ever pay for one full price but its great to try one out!

So there we have it May's lovely box, I think this months was a great box as there was a lot of brands and products that I have never tried allow me to experiment a little more. What did you get in your box this month? Have you tried any of the products I got? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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