Saturday, 18 May 2013

Face Paint Fun

As a fun activity me and my neice decided to get out the face paints we had stashed away for a little afternoon fun. Coming up in the summer is her 3rd birthday and we are having a party with our family and other little cousins so I thought what a better activity to have at a party than facepainting? So we decided to get some practice in. The face paints I was using was a 'Snazaroo' face painting kit which I found a little while ago in my local 'The Works' shop and sorry I forgot to take a  photo, whoops. I have really liked these face paints they are easy to use, pretty cheap and go really really far.Today my neice Tia decided she wanted to be one of her favourites 'Hello Kitty.'

I started by creating the white face base with a slightly damp sponge and the outline with a small brush which came with the kit. I then continued to draw out the other feautures such as the bow, whiskers and nose outline and then finally filled in the pink in the bow, nose and lips. As you can see from the pictures below as she started to see who she was becoming she became more excited, and I know she looks a little timid in the first picture but I promise she did want to do this and loved it and normally she is the loudest little monkey in the world.

Well I hope you like this slightly different post, I guess it like make up .. on the slightly extreme side!
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