Tuesday, 7 May 2013

April Glossy Box

Hello again, now i'm sorry i'm a little late on getting this one up but for some reason I just never got round to completing it. So here we are with the lovely April Glossy Box. This months box was designed by Pearl Lowe and I think it is the best designed box I have had so far I think its beautiful and will be taking pride of place for a storage box in my room. The products I recieved this month were really great too so a great all rounder for you this month Glossy Box.

First up I got a 'Nip + Fab Dry Skin Body Butter' I have heard lots of good things about the brand Nip+ Fab so was looking forward to trying this out. My body butter was in the fragerence Pistachio Sundae which I have to say i'm not a huge fan of and I wouldn't personally choose if I had the choice but it has grown on me as I have continued to use it. However every other aspect of the product I absolutely love and could'nt fault from the texture on the skin, the hydration it provided and the longevity of the scent even though I wasn't a huge fan.

Second, another type of moisturiser but this time a hand cream, this is from the company 'Crabtree & Evelyn' and is in the Somerset Medow scent link. Now this product also wasn't a huge hit for me, this is because I suffer with pretty bad exzema on my hands due to my work although it is being investigated which might lead me to do a blog post on this in the future, anyway back to the point because of this I am very careful on what I put on my hands and usually like to stick to the creams I am provided by the doctor. However I have given this to my sister who has been using it and enjoying it to. The scent is slightly 'old lady hand cream' for my personal liking however my sister has found it has been really nice to use and hydrating on her hands.

Up next a perfume sample, now I believe I am similar to a lot of other people that perfume samples are not always the best to receive as they can be very tricky to use in the teenie tiny canester which they sometimes arrive in. However I do love when they come in little minature versions of the actual bottle like this months 'Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple' did, I have had a perfume form Yves Rocher before (Moment De Bonheur) which has now become a bit of a staple perfume for me as I love the scent and get complimented on it throughout the day. The scent is said to be floral and woody which it very much is and in a beautiful blended way and although im normally more of a fruity or sweet scented kind of person I really like the smell of it and will definitley enjoy using it. You can find both of these perfumes here.

This month I also got two products from very popular brands which I personally have never tried anything from before, first from 'Illamasqua' now I know this is a very popular make up brand however their prices for their product are well over my normal budget but I do love to try out products from the higher end brands to really test out if the products are worth the money. The product I recieved was a Medium Pencil in the colour Strumpet, this is a classic cherry red colour and is said to be used on both the lips and eyes which I have never seen from a pencil before however I dont think I will be sporting the red eyeliner look anytime soon. However the formulation of the pencil is really creamy and i'm glad I have recieved this to have a classic red lip look although I do need a little practice as using a pencil is a little harder than it seems.

Finally my last product for the month was a nail polish from 'Essie' yes, I have never tried an Essie polish before, I know, shock, horror. Again this is a product which I know is popular and do look beautiful however are a little on the pricey side for me. I recieved the colour Bikini so Teenie which I adore and is a blue toned lavender which a slight shimmer to it which is absolutly gorgeous and I know will be a staple summer colour for me this year. I did do a post all about the polish which you can view here with a few extra pictures too!

Now sorry this was a little late this month, hope you enjoyed it and I will be talking to you very very soon as May's box is just around the corner! Bye for now.x

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