Friday, 24 May 2013

Face Mask Friday - Yves Rocher Matt Skin Paste

Well hello again, today I am here with another face mask friday post this time with one from the brand 'Yves Rocher'. I have used a number of products from this brand as they have loads and loads of different beauty products and are really great value especially with the numerous deals and sales they always have going. This mask is called the 'Botanical Matt Skin Paste' and is targetted for the oily/ combination skin types as it aims to soak up excess sebum and rid all impurities from the skin.

The mask is a green colour and is quite thick in texture with containing lots of exfoliating beads. If your in a hurry this product is great to use as a quick fix scrub which is then washed off immediatly however gives a much more intense feeling and result if left on for a few minutes. I have used many mud like masks in the past which dry to a clay texture, this gives a very similar effect however dries super fast and within 5 minutes you have the 'oh god I can move my face' clay mask feeling. Personally I like this feeling and does make you feel the excess oil has been removed but I definitley wouldn't suggest it for any sensitive skin types as it may be a little much.

After leaving some of this on my skin and washing it off immediatley my skin did feel very smooth and refreshed but no longer tight as if it had drawn every droplet of moisture out of my skin which I really like. Wether the removal of excess sebum continued in to the following day i'm not too sure but I really enjoyed using it and will definitley continue to. This mask retails at £11 for a 75ml bottle which is slightly pricier than some of their other masks and skin care products as it is one of their 'salon session' higher end products however I think I would consider buying it again when it runs out.

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products? Whats your favourite mask at the minute? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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