Wednesday, 20 February 2013

well hello there...

Well where the giddy aunt am I meant to start with this. Lets start with hello, yes? Hello my name's Rachel, im 19 and big fan of all this blogging and youtube fun stuff. After a long day at work or just for a cheer up the online blogging/ youtube community is my first port of call, so because of this I thought why the hell not lets jump on the bandwagon and start one too. So now I propose to you (not the marrige kind, hold your horses) but an invite to join me on my blogging journey, expect a few hiccups, I certainly do but hopefully lots of fun stuff and good blogs to read too!

A little more about me.. I live in West Sussex in the South of England, from a fairly young teenager I had an interest in beauty, make up and all things pretty and girly. I went on to college straight from school to study a beauty therapy course and now work in West Sussex country spa. I love everything about my job and the beauty industry so what better way to express this than with more beauty chit chat with you possible new readers and followers here.

Now im not sure I have much more to say for my very first post but hopefully you'll hear and look forward to lots more from me very very soon and I would love to hear back from some of you too. Bye for now.x

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