Monday, 25 February 2013

Sharing the Love

Now I know its a little late for Valentines to be declaring my love, but theres always time to share some love for the people you appreciate and that inspire you so here I am writing this post. For a long time I have been following many bloggers/ youtubers and I love to spend any spare time I have catching up on blog posts and videos and having a little insight into all these different peoples lives. Always reading and watching everyones uploads and seeing the fun they had making them and sharing so much with everyone inspired me even more to want to start up my own blog. So I am going to show you a few of my personal favourites although im sure you have all heard of them because they are all so amazing and already ridculously popular on the wonderlful, world, wide, web.

First up the beautiful Zoe. I first found Zoe on youtube at back in the day when an upload was rare but still oh so exciting I instantly became a fan of her content, uploads and just overall herself as a person. I soon then became a follower of her blog at she is one of the funniest and down to earth people to watch, she gets the content out that everyone wants and loves but with such a comical and full of personality way. A must watch/ read in my subscription box.

This leads me straight on to the lovely Louise who I discoverd through Zoe on her channel and blog. Lousie, another beauty blogger over on and is another wonderful girly who always has amazing content and uploads that if im not watching for the interest of topic I will purely watch it for her hilarious personality and wonderful self and look on life and of course baby glitter always makes every situation absolutly adorable. One of my all time favourite youtube videos is the birthday video Zoe made for Louise filled of all their uncuts and best bit, a full on belly laugh and tears every time!

A more recent addition to me is the beautiful Khila over on and I love watching Khilas videos as she is similar to me in the fact she likes to keep thing inexpensive and loves the drugstores. There is always constant blogging and youtube uploads from Khila and I love every singles one from her beauty posts and reveiws to her day in the life videos over on her vlogging channel. She is a very honest person and I love the fact that she says what she thinks and also has a wonderful little family which she features alot in her uploads.

Another fairly recent addition to my must watch/ read list is the oh so gorgeous Carly. Carly is slighty different to the majority of the lovley girlys I watch as she is more based on fitness and lifestyle and boy does she do it well. I discovered Carly from her also gorgeous boyfreind and freind Leon and John over at and then started to watch her youtube videos too, I warn you if you click on the next links she will cause you to exercise and some pain but you will love every minute and the results! If you were wanting to know anything health, beauty or fitness related Carly will more than likely help you out and she also includes all those embarrising bits that others may be hesitant around and I love her all the more for that.

So thats a few of my favourite people to watch and read at the minute and im sure they will stay there for a long long time. It is people like these that inspire me to keep following goals in life such as creating my own blog and hopefully like them I will continue to write and upload and hopefully in time progress and succeed too. So thats all for today..bye for now.x

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