Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nail Water Transfers

I first heard of nail water transfers on another blog and was intrested straight away, what a brilliant idea, you can have a number of different designs and you have beautiful nail art instantly! The place I found the nail transfers I have specifically used was at and they have a huge variety of different pictures and designs of transfers and also some 3D nail art such as studs, crystals and caviar too.

The transfers are really easy to use, firstly you want to paint you nails which ever colour you fancy and leave them to fully dry. You then cut out the specific picture or design which you want to use and measure it up to your nail, although most of them will fit most nail shapes and sizes. Then pop you transfer into some water and let it float around for 30 seconds, fetch it out of the water then it slides straight of its backing paper. Then you just pop it onto the nail of you choice and apply a top coat over the top to seal it onto the nail.

The 'hail the nails' company are really great to use, they have an easy to use website with similar designs placed into catagories making life so much simpler. They deliver worldwide for free if you spend over £5 and the delivery was super super fast too! And just to top it off all the water transfers are only £1.99 for 15 - 20 designs on one sheet! Amazing. Personally I have not tried any of the 3D nail art but i'm sure it is of high qaulity if it is anything to go by the nail transfers.

I really love all the different transfers I have used from this company, and the overall experince with the company themselves so I could not recommend them enough. There is something for everyone so I recommend for anyone and everyone to check them out.

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