Friday, 22 February 2013

25 Things

After reading and watching so many other 50/ 25 things about me tags I thought what better to do as my follow up blog post. So I have come up with my little list of fun facts of my life which gives everyone a little more of an insight of me. Well its says it on the tin ^^ 'memyselfandlife' ;)

1. I live at home with my mum, sister and 2 year old neice
2. I have two children also known as pet cats which truly are like my offspring
3.My ingredients for a perfect day include; sofa, duvet, films and food
4. I am a sucker for a sale and love things cheep and cheerful
5. I have always had only a few close freinds
6. I would say I have never had a serious boyfreind/ relationship
7. My first make up was at the age of 3, a Barbie pallette for christmas, thanks mum
8. I have far too much nail polish than necessary but I just cant help myself!
9. I could spend hours on end on youtube
10. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, every aspect excites me, the decorations, the weather, the overall spirit. I am now getting excited, ITS FEBRUARY!
11. I have always had a fear or sick
12. Boybands are my guilty pleasure, if your in one I will most likely fancy you :/
13. If something can go wrong it will most definatly happen to me
14. Growing up I had dreams of being a gymnast, ice skater (the dancing on ice kind), zoo keeper and florist.. and the list goes on
15. I've always wanted to be fluent in another language or just know more than hello,goodbye and cat
16. I have many OCD habits
17. I wake up and check my facebook, twitter and bloglovin every morning
18. I am a true product hogger
19. I love my bed and I love to sleep, I never understand why I hated it so much as a child
20. My favourite colour is orange
21. I hope to in the future get married and have children, the real kind but some more cat children wouldnt go a miss either
22. I love old disney movies, my all time favourite is The Fox and The Hound
23. I have always been a quiet person and love time to myself and being alone
24. I am awful for not praising what I preach
25. I am very superstitious and have a fear of the unkown but love the rush of adrenaline when facing fears and scaring myself.
Well I hope you liked learning a little more about me, I love reading these blog post so I would love to read yours and get to know others bloggers as I know there are so many more I havent had the chance to see and read yet. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now. x

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