Thursday, 3 April 2014

Yves Rocher Mini Haul!

Hello there, now what better way to get back into the swing of things then by showing you lovely people what I have recently purchased as that is a thing I tend and love to do! Yves
Rocher is a brand I have loved for a while now, especially for their skin and body care plus they constantly have great offers and deals on which make everything much more appealing to add to your basket. 

The main reason I made a new purchase was for a perfume, their 'Moment de Bonheur' has been a scent I have purchased over and over however they have just released a new spring fragrance ' l'eau Moment de Bonheur' which is very similar as a sweet light fragrance however with a much fresher scent with notes of centifolia rose and sweet apple. I purchased the 50ml bottle which I believe is the biggest size they retail however is currently on offer with a 15ml travel size atomiser for free and is still 45% off! The perfume would normally cost you £38 but for the two they are selling it currently for just £21.50 so if your looking for a new spring scent I would definitely recommend checking them out.

I also picked up a couple bath time accessories with a shower puff loafer which is my go to way to use most shower creams and washes as it provide a gentle everyday exfoliation and helps to make a mammoth of bubbles! However if I wanted a little harsher scrub I would use an exfoliating glove as they are a little tougher and scratchier but really get the job done, they are also much easier to use with scrubs too!

My three final little products I didn't actually buy they were my free gifts with purchase, I think this is a really lovely thing for companies to do because it enables their customers to try other products from them which is great for self promotion but also because the customer i.e me or you might end up loving it and if your anything like me most people will spend that little bit extra to get that little something free too. I received a mini cherry blossom shower gel which smells amazing, a sample purity mask which I'm really looking forward to trying and also a sample of their 'Youthful Glow Foundation' which i wasn't over the moon with receiving but that's the risk you take with random samples and I'm still willing to give it a good try.

And that's my mini haul all done for you, hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my basket and come back to see some more in the very near future. Everything I purchased and more you can find on thier website here. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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