Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Herbal Essences Intensive Masks

A fairly recent find and love of mine is the intensive masks from Herbal Essences, which I guess you probably got from the title. These masks can be easily found on the high street, in drug stores and most supermarkets too and will only cost you between £3.50 and £3.99! There are 3 different variations of them which aim to provide moisture and hydration for different types of hair and possibly slightly different results!

The first one I tried was the Beautiful Ends which claims to give split end protection to the hair. It contains red raspberry extract which gives it a gorgeous red berry fruity scent which amazingly lingers on the hair after rinsing and drying. It also really does give the hair great hydration and shine. After using this and loving it so much I decided to pick up the other two intensive masks to give a whirl and see if they gave as good a result!

A fairly new range from Herbal Essences is their Bee Strong line which is all about aiming to strengthen the hair which this intensive mask also claims to help to do. It contains honey and  apricot extract which creates a lovely sweet honey almost caramel like scent. Honey is commonly known as a great natural moisturiser so a great ingredient to have in a hair product and it really does feel lovely on the hair. Unfortunately it won't make you or your hair look like Nicole Scherzinger like in the advert but its still pretty damn good. 

The final mask, Hello Hydration is packed full of coconut extract to help deeply nourish the hair. This one smells like a dream, a tropical island, piƱa colada kind of dream. It obviously has a coconut scent but it isn't overpowering or synthetic at all and smells really fresh too. Again the same as the other two masks the gorgeous smell likes to stick around on you hair, which I love! Nothing better than a reminder of how good you smell, right? There you have a little snippet of my new love for these products, they smell amazing, last forever and make your hair feel beautiful too. I might have to try the other products from the lines to see if they live up to the expectations. Have you ever tried these or any other Herbal Essences products? Or any others you think I should give a go? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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