Thursday, 15 August 2013

Elf Haul!

Yet again I have had a cheeky little spend although this one was definitely worth it as I have wanted to try some products from ELF for a long long time and with their recent 60% off sale how could I not take the chance? As I have never tried any of their products before I got a wide variety of the things they had available, as they were flying out of stock like nobody's business and also because I was finding a few holes in my make up collection which just needed to be filled.

The first products I looked for were along the face/base line as I was looking for a new face powder to try out and also my bronzer was running low, I came across the Mineral Foundation SPF15 which was the perfect thing I was looking for as I have never used a mineral powder foundation and sometime feel I need something a little lighter and better for my skin and if not I can also use it to set my foundation. I also got the plain Bronzer in Glow which despite the name has very little if any shimmer in it making it perfect for a contour or all over bronze.

A product that I had heard a bit about was the Maximum Coverage Concealer, now like everyone else on the planet I love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but thought this would be good to try out and see how it compares. It is a fairly thick creamy concealer, I got mine in the palest shade Porcelain and it does provide a good amount of coverage maybe not quite as much as the Collection one however I think it may have lasted a little longer and better on me than the Collection concealer, perhaps I'll do a full test run on them soon.

Now for some reason whenever looking at make up I am always drawn to lip products whether its a balm, a stain a stick you name it! I had to try out the ELF products to see how they are and first I found their Matte Lip Colours which comes in a creamy crayon form which I think is my favourite type of lip product, this is indeed is creamy and not drying considering it is a 'matte' formulation, I got mine in the colour tea rose which is a blue toned mauve colour which is something I have never tried on my lips before and I'm still unsure what I think of the colour on me as it is so different but in the tube I love it! I also got two of the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in the colours Baby Lips and Strawberry, these are said to be long lasting lipsticks in a liquid lip gloss like form and work by screwing the bottom of the packaging which pushes the products up which comes out in little balls which for some reason fascinates me but most of all they have a delicious minty scent.

I also got a couple eye brushes as I was finding the very minimal I have was making it hard for me to vary and change my eye shadows looks and popped in my basket the Contour Brush which is quite short and dense to help pack on colour for definition in the socket line and also a Small Angled Brush which could be used for eyeliner, underneath the eye and also my eyebrows so I popped that sucker in too. To go with these I also found the Eyelid Primer which again is a product I have never tried from any brand so what better opportunity than to try one when in a mega sale. The only colour they had left in stock was Golden and of course is a shimmery golden colour, I haven't had chance to try this out yet but will keep you updated.

Last but not least I picked up a Waterproof Eyeliner Pen which again they had very little stock of so I got the shade Coffee although am glad I did as I don't often use a brown liner but it is a very dark brown so gives a nice slightly softer look. In the past I have used pencil, liquid an gel liners but never one in the form of a felt tip like this so was really looking forward to trying it out, it is pretty easy to use and control I am a little worried how long it will lasts until it dries out and find it isn't easy to layer on top of itself but other than that I am liking it so far.

And that was all for this little spend and it truly was a little spend as all of this came to around £17 which I was very happy with and definitely look forward to having a little play with all the products. The promotion I used when buying this has finished but they have got a new 50% off sale on now so get in there quick before all the good stuff goes! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x

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