Monday, 14 October 2013

October GlossyBox

I feel I say this every month by boy does time fly and yet again we have another box of treats on our doorstep. This months theme was 'dark romance' and is meant to be perfect for the autumn and Halloween spirit and the overall time of year with berry lips and illuminating skin treats. The first thing I came across when opening my box was the new Glossy Magazine which they have started to include in their boxes, it is a small 13 paged little booklet with information on some of the products in the box, some interviews with beauty experts and also some information on other popular products at the moment too. 

The first product I noticed was the perfume sample of Katy Perry' Killer Queen which is her new scent she has recently released. I have already got this perfume meaning I know I like it which is good I suppose and thankfully is in one of the mini spritz bottle rather than the other horrible vials so good for travel/ handbag use. It is quite a sweet scent with top notes of plum and berries and one I would definitely recommend. I also received two sachets of Illuminating Skin Finish Latte from Vita Liberata which at first I had no idea what they were meant to be however after looking on the little card they are said to be samples of a body care product which provides the skin with coverage, bronzing and SPF which gives the skin an iridescent subtle shimmer. I'm not sure this is an ultimate autumn product but a nice addition I'll look forward to trying out. 

A product I was excited about getting was the MeMeMe Cherubs Blush Lip & Cheek Tint, I have quite a few products from the brand already and really like them and are great quality for a high street brand and this product looks like a perfect dupe for the similar tints from Benefit. I believe the colour of this is Cherubs Blush and is a lovely deep pink berry shade which gives a lovely berry tint to the lips, I haven't tried it on the cheeks yet but love it for the lips so far, it also has a lovely rose Turkish delight scent too yum!

The last two products I received are both skin care items firstly a facial serum from Harmony which is their Moisturising Smoothie Serum, this is applied just before your moisturiser providing another layer of moisture and protection for the skin. It doesn't have a huge amount of scent and is lightweight and skins in to the skin fast meaning it doesn't leave any residues on the skin. I also received an Illuminating Primer from Monu which I have received products from before in past boxes and so far really like the brand. This primer contains an SPF 15, is paraben free and is said to provide a flawless finish to the skin. However although this is named a primer which you would normally associate with being applied on top of your moisturiser under you make up this is directed to be applied under you moisturise like a serum so more of a skin primer than a make up one.

That's all for this months box, I don't think this is one of their finest boxes because of the quality and choice of products in the box however that is the price you pay with getting a box when the items are a complete surprise until you receive them however this is the first time I have ever felt this way so will look forward to what next month brings. Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x 

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