Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Elf Haul..again!

So yet again I had a cheeky little spend on Elf and thought I would share with you what I got! When I purchased these things they had an offer on that if you spent over £20 you got £20 worth of 'autumn essentials' product gift bag for free!

The main thing I was looking for when on the site was a new Bronzer as I had had one in the past from them which I loved and it was getting near its end so needed replacing. The only down point of Elf is that we only have it online in the Uk meaning swatching and colour checking is impossible so I got two Bronzers the first in 'matte bronze' as I mainly wanted something to contour with and warm tan in case the first was a little to dark for me. Both Bronzers have a shimmer which I wasn't expecting but the darker shade is much more subtle so could be used as a contour still. I also picked up the 'Mineral Infused Face Primer' which claims to combat excess oil, large pores and provide a blank canvas is has the typical silicone type feel which feels super smooth on the skin.

I got 3 shadow products within my free goody bag the first being an eyeshadow primer in 'Misty Mauve' which is a beautiful shimmery mauve colour but not the greatest consistency, I have never had a problem with my eyeshadow creasing but i do think this does help my shadow stick and gives a nice shimmer as a base. The first shadow I got was one of their 'Matte Eyeshadows in Smoke' which is a soft grey colour which would make a great contour colour, the second shadow is 'Mineral Eyeshadow in Confident' which is a lovely soft loose pigment with a beautiful copper sheen which I think is perfect for an autumn look.

I also got 3 different lip products there was meant to be 4 as I ordered 2 different colours of the 'Matte Lip Colours' as I had tried one before and loved it but instead got two of the same colour 'Rich Red' which is lovely but I'm pretty sure not what I ordered. Two other products I got in my goody bag was firstly a 'Conditing Lip Balm' which comes in a surprisingly large packaging for what it is but is a nice product of a hydrating balm with a nice sheen, I got the shade 'Romantic Rouge'. The last was a 'Mineral Lip Gloss' I have never been a huge fan of gloss but was excited to try it too see if the mineral aspect made any different, I don't think it really does but the 'Bare' shade I recieved is a lovely neutral colour to give a gorgeous glossy tint. 

One product I was interested to get after seeing other bloggers talk about it was the '3 in 1 Mascara' it comes with a plastic bristle applicator with a ball of bristles at the end to allow you to grasp every lash for great definition and length, I don't find it to be the most voluminous mascara but is still really lovely to use. The two last products were quite random and not things I would pick up myself the first being toe separators which I think are a cute gift to include but a little useless to me and also their 'Radience Enhancer' which is their liquid highlighter, I got mine in the colour 'Golden'. I have never been a huge fan of highlighters especially ones that are not in powder form because of my oily skin, this one doesn't feel to be the greatest and seems a little hard to use but I will definitely try to give it a go and maybe I will like it by next summer.

There we have it another little Elf spend I endured and you can find all of these things here, what are your thoughts on Elf what are you favourite products from them? Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x 

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