Friday, 16 May 2014

Mega Drugstore Haul

So it happened, like it normally does I go to town to pick up one specific item and return with two huge bags full of beauty goodies for myself! Whoops! Well it happens, I enjoyed it and look forward to using it all too so I thought I would share my joy with you all! I picked this all up in Savers which is a cheap high street store which is full of all the popular high street brands and a few uncommon ones too normally for pretty damn cheap prices! 

First up was hair care, I orginally was planning to look for some more shampoo as I have trouble with many if they contain sulphates as it really dries my hair and scalp out and yet again I found nothing, but I did find some hair oils which I always love to treat my hair to! The first one is Hot Stuff Hot Oil and Conditioning Treatment, I have never seen or heard of this before and it was only £1 which can be a bit risky to purchase as it is likely it will not do a lot but hey it's a pound why not try it, plus it comes with 6 sachets for 3 treatments. I also grabbed two leave in hair oils for after I wash my hair and before I style it, I love to have a hair oil/ leave in treatment after washing my hair to keep it hydrated and these both were also only £1 each and claim to smooth and give moisture to the hair with both keratin and Moroccan argon oil.

I also picked up a few facial products, firstly the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, I love using these to remove my make up and give my skin a refresh. I have used a few different brands of Micellar waters but have yet to use the Garnier one so thought I would give a go. I also picked up their soothing cleansing lotion which I love to use after a oil/ balm cleanser to remove any residue and just leave my skin super soft. Last for facial skin care I picked up these Cleansing Nose Pore Strips from Beauty Formulas, when I was a teenager I would always use these to unclog my nasty little nose pore and when I saw them I thought I really must use them again as I used to love them, I'll let you know if they still live up to my old expectations. 

On to body care I firstly needed some body soap bars, I am a complete convert to these at the minute as again the sulphates found in many shower gel type products really play havoc with my skin and soap bars like these contain none! The ones I picked up were from Dove and they are their Shea butter formula with a vanilla scent, what more could you want. I also got a Shea butter Intensive 7 Day Lotion from Garnier which again smells amazing, I have never used the intensive 7 day range so looking forward to trying it out. Finally a pretty exciting purchase the St Moriz Self Tanning Mouse, now I'm pretty sure I have previously said how much of a failure I am at self tanning but I have heard so much about this tan and how fool proof it is, and at just £2.99 I couldn't say no and had to pick it up to try... Fingers crossed!!

Following on from body care I did pick up a Nivea deodorant which I have used a number of times although still haven't found that one I really love and works wonders but it'll do for now. I also picked up another teenage goody I always used which is the Soo..? Kiss me Body spray, I still love the scent of this, it's quite light and not too fruity or too flowery just simple for a day to day spritz. I also grabbed two nail varnish removers purely because I was running low and needed one contain acetone and one without due to me currently have gel nails meaning I can still remove my toe polish with out ruining my gels and as they were there and pretty my basket they came!

Finally all my little odd ball product I picked up, my standard cotton pads, hair ties and clips because you can never have enough but I also got a mini travel bottle set which are always super handy for travelling and decanting my favourite things with out lugging around the entire products. Also something I was far too excited for a body/ shower puff but it has a handle!  I'm not sure why this was so fascinating to me but the thought of it just seems so more efficient and entertaining so I'll keep you updated on my new shower friend. And that's all! A super huge haul for you, hope you enjoyed my little finds, have you picked up anything good recently? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by, bye for now.x 

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